New IP Fabric version 2.4

Vladislav Bartosik
February 27, 2019
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Today, it is our pleasure to announce new version of our IP Fabric platform. Version 2.4 is in a general availability release that extends our product capability in technologies usually found in datacenter and network edge environments, namely VXLANs and Multi-protocol BGP address families.

Features — Protocols and Technology Support


For customers using Virtual eXtensible LAN overlays in their datacenters, we are adding support for this technology in both Diagrams and Technology Tables. The platform provides with information about Virtual Tunnel Endpoints (VTEP) in the network, their peers, configured interfaces and VXLAN VNI.

VXLAN Topology in Diagrams

Flow export

To support traffic recording efforts of our clients we are introducing support for global Flow Exporter overview and configuration verification. Regardless if the technology used is NetFlow, Flexible NetFlow, IPFIX or sFlow, we now provide you with detailed overview of the devices configured for traffic exporting. Additional details provide information about all the configured collectors and interfaces used for exporting traffic to them.

Flow Export Overview with drill-down details

Simple Network Management Protocol

Although the Simple Network Management Protocol is one of the oldest network protocols, it is still widely used in network management for network monitoring. However, there are some risks associated with use of this protocol. First, when this protocol was created in 1980's, the idea was, that it will be used also for network configuration and second, there are well known community names for both read-only and read-write access to the devices. Last issue is, that except the last version of the protocol — version 3, there is no way to ensure authentication and privacy of the messages. Our tool can help you to improve the security of your network in couple ways — within seconds you can identify devices that are still using well-known public/private communities, find the devices that are using some non-standard communities and get rid of legacy SNMP protocol versions 1 and 2 completely, replacing it with SNMPv3. Of course, if you are using SNMP traps, we provide you with overview of all the SNMP Trap hosts configured on your gear as well.

Global SNMP community verification


All devices are generating amount of logging messages that can be stored locally on the device or, ideally sent to a central syslog servers or SIEM systems for correlation of events. Our tool again arms you with a visibility into what syslog servers are configured and where, so you can easily clean up the legacy servers configurations and ensure that the proper servers are in place, so that you don't miss any message your device wants to tell you.

Syslog server IP verification

Further improvements

We have worked hard on network discovery, where we improved detection of various platforms. The Diagrams now load much faster then ever before, especially in big network environments. Last, but not least, we now support BGP address families, where we provide with a new Technology table with all address family sessions configured along with their state.

For those interested in serious automation with our platform, we have published documentation of our platforms' API. You can find it here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how IP Fabric’s platform can help you with analytics or intended network behavior reporting, contact us through our website, request a demo, follow this blog or sign up for our webinars.

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