IP Fabric webinars on topics such as network automation, network security, network intent verification, and many other topics.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar - Visual Network Changes

Verification of security micro-segmentation

Find out how network simulation can continuously verify compliance with security policy, how graph-based analysis can spot single points of failure before they cause an outage, and how in-depth network mapping can discover all things connected to the network including rogue devices.

Webinar - Visual Network Changes

Visualize Network Changes

Documenting the network is hard. Visual documentation of the network is harder. But visualizing any change between any two points in time for any part of the network? That sounds downright impossible. Join this webinar to see how we make it possible.


Webinar - Preventing Service Outages

Preventing Service Outages through Root Cause Analysis

Having the best monitoring system ensures that an outage is always detected and reacted to as fast as possible. But monitoring systems do not understand complex network infrastructure relationships, and why a component failure would cause a service outage.

Network Change Verification

Change Verification Using Snapshots and Intent-based Networking

Change management from the engineering point of view. What is needed for change or migration on a project related to computer networks and how we can mitigate the risks.

Network Assurance

Continuous network assurance through operational intent verification

Performing root cause analysis is hard enough, but setting continuous network verification for the specific cause of the issue can be impractical or downright impossible. Find out how you can proactively increase network reliability using continuous verification of operational intent of the network infrastructure.

Webinar - Network Documentation

Network documentation through continuous in-depth mapping

Network documentation can be a critical asset, but the task of keeping documentation up to date is as tedious as it is time-consuming. Find out how in-depth network mapping can create a true snapshot of the network state, which can as complete technical documentation.

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