Proactive Health Check?

The prefix “pro” quite literally means “before.” If an individual is proactive, it means that they make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen to them. Thus, being proactive means being ready if something happens: the opposite of being reactive. When we think about network and…

10 ways to make your network run more smoothly

If I were to say that you could:
– Identify BGP peering instability;
– Spot Single Points of Failure;
– Verify end-to-end QoS
– Track down OSPF area inconsistencies
– Align FHRP and Spanning Tree
– Troubleshoot multicast forwarding
– Look for firewall bypass scenarios
– Identify 802.1X configuration issues
– Find end-of-life equipment
– Spot where users are having wireless woes

and without having to write Python scripts, Ansible playbooks and DIY, what would you say?