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IP Fabric heads up Gartner's list of Cool Vendors in Network Automation
Updated: March 23, 2023

IP Fabric heads up Gartner's list of Cool Vendors in Network Automation

We're proud to share that IP Fabric earned top billing in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Network Automation list for 2022. Gartner members can access the report here.

Breaking new ground in network automation

While network automation garners a lot of interest from large enterprises with complex networks, its successful implementation lags behind. Fear of change, resource strain, and operational and organizational labyrinths to navigate are all factors that hold organizations back from fully embracing the inevitable.

That's where cool vendors come in. We're here to bridge that gap between understanding that network automation will bring agility, efficiency, and simplicity to your network, and actually making it happen by directly addressing the roadblocks in your way. Cool vendors aren't afraid of breaking new ground - we march forth, illuminating the road to innovation in your network.

What makes IP Fabric cool

We use automated network assurance to revolutionize how enterprises manage increasingly complex networks by bringing robust visibility and insight into network behavior.

We're not just giving back time and resources to our customers, but also changing how an entire industry approaches networking - taking it from reactive to proactive, and eventually, predictive - a self-driving network. On the road to this goal, we offer solutions to  problems faced by network engineers in the spaces of network visibility, automation, security assurance, trouble resolution, and multi-cloud networking.

Our straightforward approach makes easily viewing inventory, ensuring configuration compliance, navigating topology
views, state information and analyzing end-to-end forwarding behavior staples in a network engineer's toolbox. Consolidating these functionalities in a single multivendor product that extends to the public cloud is a bit of magic we've spun up to help clear your path to innovation.

So, as the cool kid on the block, how have we mapped out this road to network automation adoption?

Bringing clarity to chaos

We've outlined the adoption of IP Fabric (and therefore, your confident approach to automating your network) in three clear phases:

1. Baseline

Shine light into the dark corners of the multi-vendor network for a full picture of the inventory, configuration, topology, and state with automated discovery and documentation. Only when you have a trustworthy baseline can you truly know your network, which is an essential start to any automation project.  

Modeling the Network with IP Fabric

2. Operate

Rich data, path simulation, change validation, intent verification, data democratization - IP Fabric uses data from across your entire network to enhance your operational process. As your team experiences how intelligently sharing and leveraging data across your operational ecosystem elevates systems, workflows, and processes, the value becomes undeniable and resistance to change is quelled.

3. Innovate

Start integrating with other technologies to put the data intelligence from IP Fabric to work, expanding the reach of your newfound operational bliss. For example, start asking your network questions and getting immediate answers (directly in Slack or Teams if you’d like) opening up a world of possibilities. 

The insight IP Fabric provides empowers teams to think in cool ways about how to innovate your network while keeping the infrastructure secure and changes aligned with your intent.

Check out how IP Fabric & Nautobot ChatOps bring innovation to your network at Network Field Day 27.

In cool company

To our delight, our friends over at Itential join us on the list of Cool Vendors. Together, IP Fabric and Itential work to design and deploy network automation workflows that are validated by measuring the end-to-end behavior of the resulting network, comparing it with its previous state and the desired outcome.

Another great example of how we enhance your network toolset.

If you want more insight into IP Fabric, or would like to see how it can revolutionize your network, get in touch with our team and request a demo.

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Test out IP Fabric’s automated network assurance platform yourself and be inspired by the endless possibilities.

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