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Deconstructing the IP Fabric logo

In the modern enterprise landscape, we are surrounded by networks. They are always around us. They interconnect the world and weave the fabric on which all digital communication takes place. As most networks are also based on IP protocol, we decided to give our company a name that reflects this – IP Fabric.
IP Fabric CEO
Pavel Bykov
More about our brand

The logo

When most people look at our logo, it might look like your average, run-of-the-mill tech company logo. Take a closer look and we believe you'll see how it defines both our identity as a company, and our mission.
Benes Network

The Box

We based this on the Benes network – as Benes is used as the basis for the most powerful designs and architectures, we wanted to highlight how IP Fabric forms the basis of transforming a messy network into something understandable, stable, reliable and orderly.
Topology Diagrams

The Network Path

We decided to visualize a network path, with router symbols. This symbolizes the core aim of IP Fabric – connecting isolated nodes within a network and representing the Yin and Yang nature of a modern enterprise network.
Plug & Play
Fast Discovery
Rapid Onboarding
Immediate Results

The Lightning Bolt

We shaped the network path like a lightning bolt to reflect the plug & play nature of our platform, and the benefit it creates – speed. It provides immediate results through rapid network discovery, and as a result, quicker ramp up, faster onboarding, and more.

The blue color

The color blue typically represents reliability and calm. These are of course two of the main benefits that IP Fabric has to offer. Blue also commonly portrays a depth of understanding – something we believe perfectly sums up what IP Fabric can provide to the modern enterprise network team.

The grey color

We chose grey to be a part of our logo to highlight another key benefit we provide - the stability that those working in network operations attain after implementing our platform.

The final version

These elements represent what we as a company strive to deliver for enterprise network teams - visibility, stability and speed. Three key elements that can help to establish order from the chaos of the modern network.

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