Network Topology Mapping & Visualization

Protocol states and device configurations available in data tables or network topology diagrams.


Our plug & play solution provides powerful automated mapping and visualization options for organizations with complex enterprise or service provider networks.

IP Fabric maps out network infrastructure live data in an accurate and up-to-date network model and present it to engineers and management teams in a standardized and interactive model. Any topology layout maybe then modified and exported.

Moreover, with the ViewBuilder functionality, users are allowed to create any type of fully customized topology view based on real data from infrastructure elements. It’s time to say goodbye to incomplete, outdated and manual network diagrams, and say hello to IP Fabric.

Network Topology Diagrams

Network Visualization

Once the IP Fabric platform completes its discovery process, it quickly combines all routing and switching information and other protocols into highly interactive network topology diagrams.

The platform provides detailed technology drill-downs on dynamic network maps, which help users grasp the physical and logical connections between infrastructure devices in your network. Rather than presenting only the real physical links between infrastructure devices, the model enables full visibility on a protocol level.

These maps can be exported and shared with your team, so that you can help keep everyone on the same page.


Protocol Level Visualization

Automatic and up-to-date protocol-level topology maps are directly answering many inquiries critical for fast and successful network development.
Displaying only the physical links between active network devices is simply not enough. With the IP Fabric platform, users have full visibility of topology maps on the protocol level, with many other options and features available. It starts with a physical layer map with standard discovery protocols, followed by Spanning-Tree or MAC layer build with the help of link-layer protocols, all standard routing protocols from the network layer or Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) topology from Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) area.

Ready to take IT Networking to the next level?

IP Fabric will empower your network engineers to discover, verify, visualize and document your network within minutes.

Explore End to End application path

End to End path testing is essential for any computer network security operations when qualifying root cause analysis elements or verifying the post-migration state of selected security paths across the network. The IP Fabric platform enables seamless and fast path testing on the created mathematical model of the network.

It takes literally seconds to complete standard end to end simulations for switching, routing and security portion. With the path check feature, selected paths can be saved and continuously verified by the platform with every new discovery automatically.

Fully Custom-made Topologies with View Builder

All diagrams in the IP Fabric platform are fully automated. Users can freely modify all layouts of active network devices of generated network maps. For more ambitions enjoyers, there's one more option available.

The View Builder is the ultimate feature that allows users to create any custom-made network topologies and break the boundaries in diagrams even further. With its intuitive interface, the network devices can form logical groups regardless of any protocol relationship among them.

When there is a protocol session or link between devices, the View Builder provides suggestions on its own.

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