One of the features that’s included in IP Fabric's platform from the beginning of time is variability of network discovery inputs. First of all is Discovery Seed, which creates an entry point for discovery. Another functional feature is Filtering, which narrows down to what to include and what to exclude from discovery and analysis. But few things first. For successful discovery we need to have proper licensing in place and valid authentication settings which is not covered in this article.

P Fabric homepage snippet
IMG1: IP Fabric homepage snippet

Managing discovery seed

It’s an optional feature, but will help significantly with defining network discovery start-point. If not set, algorithm will begin from the current default gateway, which in many cases is not the best scenario. In my lab, I know there’s a subnet, that I’d like to discover. In the menu it can be found in Settings > Discovery Seed.

Network Discovery Seed definition
GIF1: Network Discovery Seed definition

With only this setup, IP Fabric was able to discover 24 devices in the lab, all within subnet But we can also apply the filtering. By navigating to Settings > Advanced, we can define IP scope in greater detail by including or excluding networks or single IPs.

Applying discovery filter
GIF2: Applying discovery filter

By applying the filter, I managed to discover only 20 network devices instead of 24, all within subnet only. More networks can be easily applied to either Discovery seed or subsequent filter. And there’s even more interesting options that elevate IP Fabric versatility. Few to mention could be authentication per subnet, defining the trace route scope or site separation types (defined by Routing and Switching domain or by RegEx based on hostname). SSH and Telnet basic values can be played with like authentication failure retries or login timeout value and more.

Finished discovery for
IMG2: Finished discovery for

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