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IP Fabric platform 3.1.2: Constant improvements and code revisions
Updated: September 6, 2021

IP Fabric platform 3.1.2: Constant improvements and code revisions

Good news everyone, another version of the IP Fabric platform is officially out. The 3.1.2 version is including minor improvements and small features that directly respond to multiple clients' requests.

Please be patient during the upgrade to IPF version 3.1.2. It may take longer than expected due to the migration of its ArangoDB from 3.3.19 to version 3.4.7.


System and Monitoring

From now on, it's possible to limit the number of concurrent sessions during the discovery process down to only 1 session at a time. Please be aware that having the platform manage only 1 session at a time will greatly slow down the discovery process for complex networks. Our team added this option for special cases or testing.

Starting with version 3.1.0, we added support for SNMP (CPU, RAM, storage, network) monitoring of the platform itself. With 3.1.2 it's possible to add multiple pollers.

Besides, the TLSv1.2 is now the only allowed HTTPS protocol. Further, IP Fabric has greatly improved the loading time of its Network Assurance Dashboard.

Updates for a variety of vendors

We improved parsing of outputs for multiple vendors, such as the command-line prompt detection for F5. Starting with version 3.1.2, the platform also supports the 4-byte Autonomous System number (ASN) for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

Code revisions and fixes

Junos is fun, but not every time

Few changes had to be done to complete the successful discovery for Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Spanning-Tree in general for SRX and QFX series for Juniper. For the reason, that some of the SRX300 series rarely responded with an infinite loop output to command 'show ethernet-switching interface detail', it was completely removed from the discovery process. The VLAN and STP relations are now obtained with the use of the brief output only. Moreover, our update is completely preventing the problematic command on the SRX series.

Faster discovery of Cisco Wireless Controllers

In previous versions, we collected Syslog and other logging related parameters from 'show logging' command. This was causing unpleasant delays and plenty of unnecessary output. From now on this changes, the command is no longer used and parameters are obtained from the running configuration.

UI and the system fixes

IP Fabric has killed the most annoying bug of July 2019 in a heroic battle. The hanging tool-tips from the Network Assurance engine were causing mild but undeniable headaches to the users and developers. Its artifacts were dispersed at an unknown location. Thanks to our brave developers!

General fixes for various manufacturers and system

Big thanks to our supporting customers, who are constantly helping us to improve the platform and the bug detection system. We have patched several issues for Arista EOS, Extreme XOS, Palo Alto, Fortigate, Huawei and Cisco ASA. One can find details in our Release Notes documentation.

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