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IP Fabric 2.2.9: Continuous Path Verifications
Updated: November 24, 2021

IP Fabric 2.2.9: Continuous Path Verifications

Today, we are delighted to release the new version 2.2.9 of IP Fabric platform. This release assists engineers in having a more complete overview of their network by adding support for additional vendors, such as Arista, HP Aruba, Huawei and F5 loadbalancers. It also provides support for new routing protocol IS-IS and improves End-to-end Path Lookup, which is now more intuitive — we now allow you to save and continuously verify specific path forwarding results, as well as display them on the dashboard.

Diagrams Improvements

Continuous End to End Path Forwarding Verification

E2E Path Lookup is one of the most useful features of our platform, allowing you to test and visualize the forwarding of the packet through the network. This will allow you to verify if the traffic is being forwarded as it is intended. Many of you have inquired regarding the possibility to be able to continuously verify specific traffic patterns, such as reachability of the CRM systems from branches. The verification now also extends to verifying if forward and return traffic are symmetric and if the traffic is being flooded somewhere within the network.

End to End Path Verification Setup and View

Improved End to End Drill-Downs

In order to receive the detailed information more efficiently regarding End to End path forwarding decision, we have implemented a new tab, which aggregates all the information found during the examining of the specific packet flow.

New End to End Verification Detailed Tab

Hide Unnecessary Diagram Detail

There are situations when you may wish to only see the edge devices, whether it be for troubleshooting or to see how the WAN works without distractions from the LAN devices and links. Therefore, we are introducing a function that allows for this.

Hiding Non-Edge Devices

New Vendors Support

As a committed vendor independent software company, we are always working towards implementing additional support for more widespread networking equipment, so that our software may analyze and verify any network. Therefore, we are providing discovery support for Arista, Hewlett-Packard Aruba, and Huawei networking equipment and loadbalancers from F5.

New Routing Protocol — IS-IS

While we support general routing verifications regardless of the protocol or the route source, with version 2.2.8 we have expanded detailed routing protocol support and added EIGRP and RIP. Today, we are proud to announce that our platform supports all of the most important routing protocols, as we have implemented IS-IS.

Other Improvements

Last but not least, based on the feedback that we have received, we have decided to add DNS resolve support for the Discovery Error reports, making it far easier to identify the devices that have not been properly discovered. We are also adding a graphical historical overview of the number of discovered devices.

Snapshot History — Number of Devices Discovered

If you’re interested in learning more about how IP Fabric’s platform can help you with analytics or intended network behavior reporting, contact us through our website, request a demo, follow this blog or sign up for our webinars.


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