IP Fabric at Cisco Live!
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Taking center stage at Cisco Live
Updated: July 1, 2022

Taking center stage at Cisco Live

The IP Fabric team had a whirlwind week in Las Vegas getting together for one of the biggest events of the year – Cisco Live!

A chance to connect

We were buzzing at the thought of getting back to face-to-face conversations about how network assurance can revolutionize network operations, accelerate automation efforts, and make you rethink your network tooling ecosystem. With this in mind, we planned a schedule aimed at educating, sharing, and connecting with organizations handling increasingly complex and dynamic networks.

This came to fruition just as we anticipated, and our booth was a hive of activity; from presentations to demos of the product tailored around specific use-cases, we were spoiled with opportunities to showcase IP Fabric’s powerful network assurance platform.

The IPF Team

Showcasing network assurance

Some presentations from the team included Network Assurance 101, with Daren Fulwell covering the basics of this relatively newer concept that plays a pivotal role in any enterprise network.

Joe Kershaw, Global Channel Sales Lead, joined the party to unpack Network Automation Strategies & Network Assurance, centering our role in helping you automate confidently.

Next up, Justin Jeffery took the stage with his talk, Network as a Database, explaining all the ways you can use network data – automatically gathered and visualized with IP Fabric - to elevate your operations.

Pete Crocker led a relatable talk, which elicited knowing laughs as soon as the first slide entitled “Why has my app team stopped calling?” popped up. Pete outlined some day-to-day frustrations of overworked network engineers that are easily solved with IP Fabric.

Pete Crocker presenting at Cisco Live

An abundance of special guests joined us too! Luke Richardson, from an IP Fabric customer WeWork, was present to add his thoughts to a talk at the Content Corner entitled Making Network Automation Relevant. Daren and Luke drew quite the crowd as they explained why automation is valuable for everyone in an organization, not just the network engineer.

Daren and Luke at the Content Corner at Cisco Live

Christian Adell from Network to Code gave a practical demonstration of how to synchronize your Source of Truth using IP Fabric and Nautobot ChatOps, and later joined Justin for a chat about Contributing to the Open Source Community.

Chatting about open source communities

Karan Munalingal was at the IP Fabric booth just a skip away from his own Itential booth, showing our audience a recently announced integration – Itential & IP Fabric: Automation & Assurance.

Itential joins us at the booth

Tech Field Day Extra

Finally, we were thrilled to participate in Tech Field Day Extra – this formed the perfect stage to demo our integration with Itential to the TFDx delegates away from the loud and lively World of Solutions.

Watch it here: TFDx at Cisco Live

In the collaborative whiteboard session led by Itential’s Chris Wade and Karan Munaligal and IP Fabric’s Daren Fulwell, we saw how each platform augments network operations solo, and then how Itential and IP Fabric fit together within your tooling ecosystem to form a powerful network automation engine with assurance at the core, propelling the network engineer along the Road to the Self-Driving Network. 

Behind the Scenes at TFDx

Looking forward

IP Fabric left Las Vegas exhausted, but after some recovery, we’re absolutely energized and inspired by the connections we made at Cisco Live! If you met us at the event and want to learn more, or if you weren't there and want to learn about what we can do for your network, request a demo with our team!  


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