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Proactive Health Check?
Updated: November 30, 2021

Proactive Health Check?

The prefix “pro” quite literally means “before.” If an individual is proactive, it means that they make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen to them. Thus, being proactive means being ready if something happens: the opposite of being reactive. When we think about network and security, being proactive entails the use of network and security solutions that are designed to prevent an incident before it happens. 

Everyone knows the existential question: If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Leading-to the question: If a network problem is fixed before your customer even suspects there’s an issue, did it even happen?

What is a Proactive health check? A Proactive health check is what you undertake, to make sure that you have or have not any underlying health issues, which may cause you problems in the future. Offering you the knowledge that you are well, and if any corrective action is needed, this can be taken prior to becoming a major problem.

These are interesting insights but how easy is it to be wise and aware, before the event and help prevent untimely issues…

Let IP Fabric help………..

By moving the point of resolution to the point of detection, the network team will now be in possession of rich up to date information providing answers…..not thousands of streaming alerts.

Leaner, smarter answers….

Today, only a small percentage (some state as low as 3 to 5%) of available data is being used to make important operational decisions. Digitalization is key to unlocking the vast amounts of untapped information embedded in your operation. IP Fabric provides that data, that insight and intelligence, across your entire operational environment to increase really needed visibility, decrease time required to investigate, and better allocate valuable resources. 

IP Fabric solution has been designed to not only address the immediate need of providing an up-to-date image of your service, but to drive towards a quicker resolution that will ultimately increase reliability by solving underlying causes.

Locating multi-discipline engineers that can find and ensure quick and timely resolution, with all the various scenarios that pop up is extremely difficult, having IP Fabric that can locate multi-discipline technology information is NOT.

If you can’t see it….how do you prove it…….or even fix it………

If you could know information about your systems in advance, what would you choose to know? If there was a set of repeating behaviours that happened consistently before an outage, would you want to know what they were?

This is the idea behind IP Fabric – the switching of context from “reactive” mode to something that allows you to act before the problem arises.

1. Find your healthy baseline

Establishing what “health” means for your environment is the first step. Once you know what “healthy” is, you have the data to understand impact of change. So, what’s healthy?

Baselining your infrastructure and creating an understanding of your environment which includes all, security policies (working or not), high availability, resiliency, traffic analysis, protocol stack and last but not least an appreciation of the capacity of your environment, this is all paramount to knowing what’s healthy.

With IP Fabric we will provide you with just that, the ability to know, compare and contrast; to determine and predict against network outages. Our ability to take snapshots of the complex landscape and provide you with the documentation needed to make informative and intelligent decisions.

Delivering that intelligent view, with predictive intelligence, to baseline complex multi-vendor solutions, is not just a nice to have but is imperative; help eliminate network outages and get to the root of the truth.

2. Security

A lot of discussion centres on reactivity. How quickly can you respond once an intrusion or other malicious behaviour is found? How quickly can you detect the aforementioned behaviour?

While there is a lot to be said for accurately assessing a situation and responding appropriately, it might go without saying that the best security issue is one that never arises. That would be IT utopia. Once you establish your baseline, you can start drawing inferences from what deviations from the norm might mean, which also allows you to take preventative action. Beyond the baseline, use IP Fabric as your source of truth, integration with API, into your other security, trend and alert systems will help you keep ahead of common security issues.

3. Infrastructure

There are many monitoring solutions within everyone’s environment that are showing many, many, many alerts but how do you figure out what is important?

IP Fabric determines the complete environment with a quick discovery and building an understanding of the network behaviour and in-depth data, determining the configuration and state of the infrastructure. Furthermore, reducing this discover time in your network to hours rather than months. Locating all devices (all vendors) on your network, including its connections and building a knowledge base of all forwarding behaviours, ultimately helping to fast root-cause isolation and incident remediation. 

Performing a complete end-to-end path analysis across your whole network, providing a visualisation of all locations and connections. Delivering, a simple verification of  any unknown issue’s presence and assurance of any network changes through a simulation model.

4. “Watch the watchmen”

Always one to think about: “watch the watchmen”. Whether proactively or reactively, if your primary means of communication goes down and you don’t know it, then you won’t be able to make full use of all the visibility that you have carefully configured. Make sure not to neglect any third-party tools you may be using in your monitoring and/or incident management system, including any relevant endpoints if you are using an API or public status pages.


Proactive Monitoring: How to Fix Network problems before they happen. IP Fabric is providing you that visibility and awareness depth of your complete, holistic environment, delivering the data and visualisation that can indicate a problem is about to happen. This approach allows your network and security teams to discover issues that could drastically affect their business and stop it in its tracks

The financial ramifications of technological failure for a business can be devastating. If your company's infrastructure fails you can potentially lose business, customers, and even your reputation. With IP Fabric we can provide you the data of your network to ensure that this doesn't happen.

  • Identify the physical location of problematic devices before they affect the entire network
  • Understand changes of your network and security rules before they become major problems
  • Integrating into your current toolset to observe traffic patterns to analyse trends and help with capacity planning with open API

Early warning helps prevent outages or downtime long before they impact your organization.

Reactive  management and monitoring are a measurement of failure when something has gone wrong. Proactive management and monitoring are a measurement of success, a way to keep things working right and safe.

IP Fabric is making sure your network pulse is beating and behaving as intended.


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