The high available network must stay up even if one of its components fail. Providing standby redundant device can achieve this. How can you verify if all requested redundancy was applied network-wide?

Each network with multiple users should have a redundant gateway implemented as an exit point. For the end users, some form of first-hop redundancy protocol such as VRRP, GLBP or HSRP should be implemented. But it that really true in your network?

Even more, the operational state of this protocol may differ from the desired one — caused either by misconfiguration or by Layer 2 communication issues among the designated gateways. Loss of one of the gateways may cause the network outage for the users in the connected network and thus pose a hidden risk which should be mitigated.

Ip Fabric platform v 2.0 - Diagrams (network gateway)
Ip Fabric platform v 2.0 - Diagrams

The IP Fabric platform shows the gateway redundancy summary where you can easily sort all managed network by the number of network gateways (exit points from the network). The attention should be put on those networks where only one gateway is a present and a significant number of users is located in this network.

Ip Fabric platform v 2.0 - Diagrams

Ip Fabric platform v 2.0 - Diagrams

The IP Fabric platform also offers a convenient way to summarize all configured FHRP pairs in the network and analyze them if their operational status is correct (which should be Active-Standby for most cases).

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