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Data Visibility
Updated: November 8, 2022

Data Visibility

We are all looking for that chink of sunlight in the blanket of darkness, in a year which has felt pretty dark and miserable, expecting and anticipating the sun to come and brighten the days up seems to be in the distant future.

The same can be said with the visibility of your network data.

Attaining ample data visibility, analysing that data quickly, from many disparate sources, can sometimes feel like you are reaching for that bit of sun in the clouds.

Why Does Data Visibility Matter?

Access to data allows you to make accurate and informed decisions about the way in which your company is running. Ensuring that your organization has accurate data requires all of the data to be visible to you when you need it.

In order to make decisions, you need to be confident that the information you have is accurate, up to date, your whole environment and suitable for analysis. You need to make sure you’ve got the full picture.

Network visibility allows you to create both depth and breadth of data analysis. You can see how environments have changed over time, and therefore make sure that you are aware that everything is behaving as attended and also a true reflective baseline, to make the best decisions with the widest range of information possible.

In today’s complex environments made up of many different vendors, finding that important piece of data, in the endless stream of important alerts, in a quick manner is extremely challenging.

In fact, it’s fair to say that a company cannot house informed decision-making processes without clear and visible data. No matter how good your technology is, or how many superstar team members you have, if you’re not working with accurate and up to date data, then you may as well be driving in the fog with no lights on.

 Ultimately IP Fabric will help you find those answers……………

Turn the sun on with IP Fabric

IP Fabric analyses configuration and operational state of the devices in the network records them in a vendor-agnostic form in its database, then runs 120+ standard validation checks and presents the results on the product dashboard.  These checks include identifying across all platforms and vendors and checking the relationships  and establishing the complete data of your environment. Locating all devices (all vendors) on your network, including its connections and building a knowledge base of all forwarding behaviours, ultimately helping to fast root-cause isolation, incident remediation and threat hunting.

IP Fabric provides detailed information on dynamic network maps, which your company can easily view ALL the connectivity between infrastructure devices in your network. Rather than presenting only the real physical links between infrastructure devices, the model enables full visibility on a protocol level. Quickly showing a complete and detailed of all of your data regardless of the vendor.

I can now see all active paths and network layers information on the same diagram, it will even provide if there are any redundancy issue too......the sun has broken through………

Using IP Fabric,  you can get better data visibility of the activities and outcomes of your environment. IP Fabric takes all the data that has been built by your environment and  creates easy to use dashboards, tables, and diagrams to help you gain a better understanding of your environment and ultimately provide you with a quick and easy way to visualise your data.


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Test out IP Fabric’s automated network assurance platform yourself and be inspired by the endless possibilities.

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