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Collaborating with the networking community is a fundamental part of what we do at IP Fabric. We take great pride in the innovative partners and global ambassadors who have committed to working with us and the open community built around leveraging our platform


So, we asked some of our ambassadors to join us for a panel discussion and share their thoughts on the leading topics within networking for a #communityfabric webinar special, however this time with a twist – YOU get to ask the questions that are discussed!


Join #communityfabric on Thursday 25th March at 4.30 PM CET / 8:30 AM PT as our guest panel discusses the following topics, and if you have any questions you would like them to answer, bring them along!


  • Adoption and best practice of Network Automation 
  • Intent-Based Networking  
  • Data Democratisation 
  • Future trends 



Daren Fulwell

IP Fabric Automation Evangelist

CCIE, CCDE & Cisco Champion


Orhan Ergun

CCIE and CCDE Instructor


Gian Paolo Boarina

CCIE & Cisco Champion


Julien Manteau

Network Automation Architect

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