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Average cost of an

hour of network downtime. 

IP Fabric in the Financial Services Industry

Managing risk is a fundamental part of modern financial services, but have you considered the risk your network may pose to your organisation? The network is the backbone to today’s modern hybrid infrastructures and having clarity on complete network state and reducing risk of down time and losses is crucial. 

Financial services today is in a state of digital evolution and customer demands are driving the speed of digital adoption. But what role does the network play in this digital evolution?  What technologies and practices can leadership adopt to meet the demands for increased services to customers and the business itself?

IP Fabric Automated Network Assurance platform enables enterprise financial institutions to scale their network knowing that their infrastructure is secure, compliant, and visible. The platform is vendor-neutral and performs an important role as a source of truth for technical teams across the organisation, allowing for fast troubleshooting, increased reliability of service and a baseline for adoption of Network Automation.

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Airbank reduced network analysis time from 1 month to 30 minutes with IP Fabric and made network audits fully automated.


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Get a clear point by point overview of the value IP Fabric can offer you and what common Financial Services networking challenges it can help you resolve.


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