The IP Fabric NetBox Plugin:

A game changer
for network management
Using operational data from our Network Assurance platform to onboard - and continuously validate - your automation Source of Truth creates a solid foundation for your network automation efforts.
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Any network automation project starts with data - the right data, made accessible, consumable, and up-to-date. NetBox’s network source of truth and IP Fabric’s observed state of your network mean you have access to the end-to-end network insights you need to de-risk and accelerate automation initiatives.

This network data is gold for automation, but also for security assurance and orchestration, network monitoring, application performance monitoring and more. This plugin ushers in a new level of control and visibility for network practitioners, supplying unparalleled insights you’ve always wished you had.


Access the install instructions through our public documentation, With this plugin, users can seamlessly synchronize the following NetBox models:
(Data Center Infrastructure Management)
Device Types
Device Role
Virtual Chassis
(IP Address Management)
IP Address

Data synchronisation streamlined

The innovative IP Fabric NetBox plugin streamlines and simplifies the process of synchronizing vital network information from IP Fabric directly into NetBox, ensuring that your NetBox instance remains up-to-date and reflective of your actual network infrastructure.

While IP Fabric data could be synchronized to NetBox through API and external scripting beforehand, the plugin creates a native NetBox experience - letting users freely synchronize data from multiple IP Fabric instances without leaving the NetBox UI.

Transform Maps

While developing the plugin, our customers specified the ability to input specified data into specific NetBox fields as a valuable feature. To meet this need, the NetBox plugin leverages transform maps - eliminating the need for custom development to match individual requirements.

These transform maps provide flexibility in data ingestion and let users modify default transform maps as per their requirements. What’s the result?

Users now have the ability to harmonize disparate data formats and structures to seamlessly integrate valuable IP Fabric data into a NetBox database - when they want, and how they want.

Request a license

Want to kick the tires on this powerful combo? Request a lab license (to run in a lab network of up to 50 devices) to see how the IP Fabric & NetBox plugin work for yourself (the license is valid for 90 days).

Have any questions about the plugin? Join our Community Slack channel, where you can give feedback, or get tips and tricks from your peers on how to elevate your use of the plugin!

License access is exclusively for geeking out over our awesome network assurance platform. We won't use your data for sales or marketing emails. If you want us to, sign up for our newsletter!
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