Network History

Take network snapshots and compare.


In order to ensure that your network is properly secured and in line with compliance standards such as PCI, NIST, or HIPAA, it is important to identify what policy rules and behavior checks in your network are changing over time. As such, it is crucial that you continuously keep track of your network as it changes; by allowing side-by-side comparison between historical ‘’benchmarks’’ of your network, IP Fabric helps you pinpoint recent changes in routing, topology, CLI data, and more.

What is more, the ability to assess real-time and historical trends in your infrastructure network will better enable you to conduct analyses, forecasting, disaster recovery and troubleshooting. With IP Fabric’s ability to compare real-time and historical trends using snapshots of the past and present state of your network infrastructure, your will be able to ensure regulatory compliance, troubleshoot issues faster and ensure excellent performance in your network.

What changes were made to my network?

With IP Fabric, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Our platform creates a new snapshot of your network every time you run the network discovery process, and it gives you the ability to smoothly switch between snapshots so that you can see the historical correlation between past and present states and configurations.

IP Fabric's Network History feature gives you the ability to see network changes such as forwarding and convergence events, addressing changes or module replacements, which is often a critical part of any administrative process.

Network History

Verify each phase of any network change

IP Fabric - Network History

The IP Fabric platform has the ability to take snapshots before and after migrations, significantly reducing the time needed for post-migration network verification.

When changes are tracked, it enables you and your organization to verify, document and understand what is happening in your network. Whether you're implementing changes manually, using automation, adding hardware, swapping cables, or troubleshooting network issues, IP Fabric's platform identifies dynamic and administrative changes in the network, enabling you to verify deployments, validate work, and control the rate of change.

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