Intent-Based Networking

Ensure that your network is behaving the way you intend with IP Fabric. 

As network complexity inevitably increases, it's clear that we need to find ways of managing that complexity.  Monitoring the status of individual network devices, logging into them individually, creating ad-hoc single-purpose automated scripting solutions is simply not enough.

IP Fabric manages the assurance and compliance of your network, introducing an Intent-Based Networking approach to your network operations processes.

Why Intent-Based Networking?

First came automated data collection and scripted, templated configuration changes.  Then Software-Defined Networks and their centralized controller platforms were able to push policy and templates to network devices to render as configuration. Intent-Based Networking (or IBN) takes automated network operations to the next level.  Ensure your network automation is carried out with the checks and balances needed to guarantee the network actually delivers on the business needs.

In order to achieve that, certain elements need to be deployed in the network operations ecosystem:

  • A Source of Truth is used to capture and represent the business intent in a vendor and domain-neutral form;
  • A Fulfilment platform takes the intent and pushes it into the network using whichever orchestration, automation or policy tools are available to it;
  • An Assurance engine retrieves data from the network devices, controllers and policy engines to validate the state of the deployed network against the intent. A feedback loop ensures that drift is fixed as it occurs.

Open up your network operations to the possibilities

of Intent-Based Networking. 

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IP Fabric - the Assurance Engine

IP Fabric, with its detailed network discovery and deep, rich network data collection is used to populate and maintain the validity of the Source of Truth.

Intent validation rules can be created from the intent logic created in the Source of Truth and are used by IP Fabric to check that the state of the network devices, the topology and relationships are as expected. And simulated end-to-end path checks validate access to services from clients, checking forwarding rules and security policies are applied correctly.

And each time a snapshot is completed or intent validation rule is checked, the platform generates Webhooks to notify external systems that network state has been updated and the results of rules and checks may have changed.

IP Fabric can be seen to be a key component of an Intent-Based Networking solution, providing the data and insight into the state of the network to ensure that intent is met and providing the triggers should things need to be changed. 

Start your journey towards Intent-Based Networking today!

Open up your network operations to the possibilities

of Intent-Based Networking. 

Try IP Fabric in your environment now!

What our customers say:

IP Fabric is a cornerstone of our automation strategy

and „must have“ software for network management.

julien small

Julien Manteau

Network Solutions Architect Lead

„IP Fabric allowed us to have a real feedback loop on network status with a transversal view. We saw benefits from day one. It enabled us to consolidate internal tools into a single source, with a proper diagramming feature and extensive network data collection. Furthermore, the embedded network experience included in our predefined reports allows the operation teams to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities.“

Our Customers

Open up your network operations to the possibilities

of Intent-Based Networking. 

Try IP Fabric in your environment now!

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