A simple way for network teams to understand

Automated network assurance -
for large enterprises with complex and diverse networks

End to end path lookup
custom verification checks
instant network analysis reports
point-in-time state snapshots

IP Fabric automatically provides a comprehensive and accurate network model, from on-prem to cloud. 

Up-to-date specifics network inventory, state, configuration, policies, and topology information is available in every point-in-time network snapshot. 

Use these insights throughout the organization to
Compare observed and intended network state
Prove compliance and security posture continuously
Speed up troubleshooting with auto-enhanced tickets and access to key data
Plan for and execute network transformations (migrations, expansion, M&A) successfully
Our robust integrations ecosystem and open API mean you can use this data to automate network, Cloud, or security operations and adjacent teams can self-serve key network insights.

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Fatih Bezirganoglu
Procurement Head - HCL Technologies
Our digital transformation was very much focused on how to manage our network complexity. This complexity brings a lot of challenges, first and foremost documentation, which is what sparked our interest in IP Fabric.
Dan Vaclavak
Network Team Leader - Dr. Max
We often say that IP Fabric is the 7th full-time member of our Network Engineering team, with the amount that it can do for us. With the volume of devices we have across all of our pharmacies, headquarters, and warehouses, there are a lot of things that need to be checked for configuration and lifecycle management. We were able to take a complete inventory of our network and establish lifecycles for every single device in a very short amount of time. In this sense, IP Fabric definitely pulls the weight of a full-time engineer. We are now feeling more confident about all of our future network plans as we continue to grow, including our transition to SD-WAN, thanks to the rich data IP Fabric provides us with, and the additional vendor support it provides.
Jeremy Schulman
Principle Software Engineer, Network Automation - Major League Baseball
If I had budget to buy only one product that would benefit both traditional network engineers and accelerate network automation projects it would be IP Fabric
Another impulse to find an automated inventory and audit solution was the need to simplify and improve the tenders for external service organizations.
Jaroslav Javor
IT Architecture Manager, Avast
Our team was happy that a network discovery tool finally did what it promised – we needed network visibility, and IP Fabric was able to provide this very quickly. This fast deployment was essential for us, as was the open API programmability, which is key for our tooling. We have a focus on automation, and any tool we use must support this focus. Overall, having a centralized view of the network topology that also provides deep insight into network behavior when needed is the biggest win.
Network Leader at Toulouse Hospital
Not only it is a must-have tool for the management of our IT infrastructure but also it brings unanimity among our teams. It was the first time for us. It took them a bit to understand how to use it, but in the end, the tool is providing real help for all the promised functions. I know if I remove IP Fabric from one day to another, I get my head removed!
Alessio Caucci
IT Network and Infrastructure Manager at Elica
This tool is perfect as it gives us up-to-date documentation without placing a burden on the team to produce it.
IP Fabric enabled my team to save a lot of time during the diagnosis and identification of issues in our network. A considerable advantage is the ability to generate network map diagrams, which provide a clear overview of connections protocols, and devices and simplify the identification of non-standard setups or situations.
Pavel Nepovim
Network Administrator with Air Navigation Services CZ
When we first implemented IP Fabric in 2019, we saw a 30% reduction in our troubleshooting times after a very short amount of time. As our network has grown to add more devices and therefore contain more paths, we have found more troubleshooting cases that have been resolved by IP Fabric. Now I would say that we have cut down on troubleshooting times by 40%.
Julien Manteau
Network Solutions Architect Lead, Airbus
IP Fabric allowed us to have a real feedback loop on network status with a transversal view. It enabled us to consolidate internal tools into a single source, with a proper diagramming feature and extensive network data collection.
Martin Moucka
Senior Network Engineer - Red Hat
IP Fabric is a tool that pulls the data that you need from every device in your network for quick analysis; it doesn't stop at letting you analyze the data easily, but actually allows you to plug it into your processes and workflow. That can be applied to anything - automation, troubleshooting, hardware refresh planning - and it gives you that contextualized insight into your network, both from a high level and down to the details. It also gives teams without deep network knowledge the tools to understand how traffic flows through the network, and what may hinder that flow. For new engineers, their understanding of the network is massively accelerated, and they can get started with troubleshooting almost immediately.
Network Visiblity & Assurance
Network Automation
Security Assurance
Multi-Cloud Networking
Trouble Resolution

Network Visiblity & Assurance

The IP Fabric Automated Network Assurance Platform helps enterprises empower their network and security teams to discover, model, verify, and visualize large-scale networks within minutes.These four automated processes lay the foundation for what we call Network Assurance – actionable insight into the state of your network, providing evidence that it is delivering the service that your business requires.
Multi-vendor, multi-domain...we get it, your network is complex. We're ready.
Automated network discovery via SSH or Telnet. Just like a network engineer.
Forget about outdated or incomplete network documentation. It's all done for you.
Flexible network topology maps, combining both a holistic overview and deep granularity.

Network Automation

The ability to generate up-to-date knowledge of one’s network infrastructure with one click is not a luxury, but a core component of a network engineer’s toolbox; as more vendors are introduced into your network, and as systems become more advanced and sophisticated, the tools required to keep up with these advancements must be just as dynamic.
Automated network discovery via SSH or Telnet. Just like a network engineer.
Forget about outdated or incomplete network documentation. It's all done for you.
Flexible network topology maps, combining both a holistic overview and deep granularity.
Multi-vendor, multi-domain...we get it, your network is complex. We're ready.

Security Assurance

A proactive approach to network security is non-negotiable for enterprises. As your network becomes more complex, leaving it vulnerable by relying on manual processes is a risk most can’t afford.
Validate that your Zero trust policy is properly implemented.
Understand and control network segmentation.
Rest assured that your network baseline is complete and accurate.
Integrate with Network Security Policy Management tools to answer key questions.

Multi-Cloud Networking

The success of cloud projects can often come down to ensuring a continuity of visibility and understanding between networking and cloud teams. IP Fabric introduces a consistent single view for the network in a multi-cloud world.
Bridge knowledge gaps between Cloud and Network teams with a common network understanding.
Confidently execute Cloud strategy.
Maintain continuous Cloud connectivity, and handle issues proactively.
Secure your Cloud environments effectively.

Trouble Resolution

IP Fabric automatically discovers and centrally highlights single points of failure, policy, or functional inconsistencies that can cause costly errors or outages. Less time spent on troubleshooting thanks to deep visibility is an easy win with a significant impact. Take control of your network infrastructure and cut down mean time to resolution to a fraction of what you would spend manually detecting and investigating issues.
Implement self-service troubleshooting processes.
Proactively troubleshoot network issues before they impact the end user.
Use network snapshots to understand day-to-day changes.
Automatically enhance service tickets with end-to-end path lookups.

IP Fabric's Automated Network
Assurance Platform in Under 2 Minutes

For every unique network

Vendor-Neutral Discovery

Our supported vendor list is extensive and expanding, with more support added continuously.

Wondering when we'll support a particular vendor? Get in touch to ask; it's likely on our roadmap!
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Develop proactive network troubleshooting processes
Kick off automation projects
Implement self-service network data sharing processes

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