Instant Business-Level Network Analysis Reports

Pavel Bykov
August 28, 2017
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Overall state of the network often must be presented in condensed form to managers and non-it personnel. How can you create the reports focusing mostly on the risk and impact of the network state to users and applications?

The users of the network are interested in slightly different outputs than network engineers. Will I be still able to connect to my online application/data repository even if something breaks? If there is something going on in the network, what impact it has on my job and the work I need to do? Those kinds of reports are not easy to create from the engineering point of view as they require correlation of different inputs from the network, such as the assessment of redundancy, number of the user connections and the possible known risks.

A network-wide analysis report that IP Fabric creates without the need for manual input assists IT management in responding to user questions above and helps in focusing on what network issues must be mitigated first. The summary information and perceived risks are included in the document as well.

IP fabric - Network Analysis report
IP fabric - Network Analysis report

When done manually, such documents take weeks to prepare and incur significant costs, prohibiting frequent reanalysis. With IP Fabric, Network Analysis Report document can be generated instantaneously with a single click of a button for the current network state or any previous network snapshots, providing reports at the time they are needed.

IP Fabric v2.0 - Documentation Export
IP Fabric v2.0 - Documentation Export

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