Network Security

Detect security gaps and vulnerabilities in every day operations.

Enable Visibility and Collaboration

One of the main ideas behind the IP Fabric platform is to automate data collection across supported vendors and standardize the way they are represented. As a result, all team members operating the network has full access to all collected data, which boosts collaboration efforts to another level.

Full visibility to the whole network has inevitable security benefits. All changes to any security policies, access-lists or other security features can be tracked with every new snapshot of the network.

Check out the new 4.0 release
Bringing your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.
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Checkout the new 4.0 release
Brining your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.

Continuous End-to-End path verifications

End to End path testing is essential for any computer network security operations when qualifying root cause analysis elements or verifying the post-migration state of selected security paths across the network. The IP Fabric platform enables seamless and fast path testing on the created mathematical model of the network.

It takes literally seconds to complete standard end to end simulations for switching, routing and security portion. With the path check feature, selected paths can be saved and continuously verified by the platform with every new discovery automatically.

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Secure Network Management

The network management misconfigurations are maybe one of the most detected with the IP Fabric platform at the first discovery run. What we frequently detect with automated verifications is legacy Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configurations, old TACACS+ or RADIUS servers left in the config or outdated access-lists (ACL) applied to management interfaces.

With the Network Assurance Engine in the IP Fabric platform, we can control any aspect of network management security and build more resilient networks.

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