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To address Cobit 2019 certification we need to make sure we have an understanding of what Cobit stands for, "Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology". First of all, it was mainly focused on auditing, specifically helping financial auditors navigate IT environments. Now it is the leading framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. It includes breadth of tools, resources and guidance. Its main value is leveraging proven practices to inspire IT innovation and fuel business success.

The network infrastructure is the most critical underlay for any applications running in enterprise environments. In addition, data security is critical to any organization. That's the reason why at least some information security standard must be incorporated. This applies to anyone who aims to keep the data well protected.

COBIT 2019
COBIT 2019

Any value created in the digital world automatically attracts those who intend to capture its value. Of course without any necessary permission. It can be a hacker or medium-skilled student with malicious intent. But it's not important who desires to access your data or why. Without following any security best practices, you are out in the open.

Moreover, in our previous post related to security audits automation, other relevant information related to Cobit can be found. In this article, we will focus on how the IP Fabric platform can assist with network security management. Further, bringing benefits to everyday operations.

Define the IT domain

At first, the IT domain needs to be perfectly specified and well-aligned with the business goals. The starting point for further security practices development in any certification is to be aware of all its infrastructure elements.

The infrastructure elements may include all active network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers, etc.), a full inventory of end-points (virtual or physical servers) communicating on the network or entry points to the network (available physical interfaces, wireless access points and more). All in all, an up-to-date detailed inventory is the most important factor for any enablement.

For the IP Fabric platform, the full and up-to-date inventory of any elements on the network is an easy task. It provides its users with complete visibility. Moreover with multiple views and end-of-life information, with automated protocol level diagrams fresh every day. Apart from that, all data is easily exportable manually or by any integrated system via API.

Control objectives

The definition above relates to mapping existing information flows across routed or switched networks with clear security objectives. Firewalls with properly configured security policies are the key components in building secure networks and preventing unwanted access.

However as the network grows in complexity, more teams participate in network security policies administration. Hence, the restrictive rules may be violated with unauthorized or temporary changes on firewalls or access-lists.

End-to-End path verification with IP Fabric platform
Continuous End-to-End path verification with IP Fabric platform

The best approach to a stable security environment that meets the high standards is continuous security policies and end-to-end path verification. In addition, with the IP Fabric platform, users are provided with the tool that can help with both. The platform reads and stores all security policies from selected vendors. As well as, immediately detecting changes and providing historical data. Besides, with the end-to-end path testing feature available, it can store hundreds of defined path checks, that are being continuously verified with every new network snapshot.

Keep the network management compliant

The network management misconfigurations are maybe one of the most discovered with the IP Fabric tool at the first run. What we often detect with automated verifications is legacy Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configurations, old TACACS+ or RADIUS servers left in or outdated access-lists (ACL) applied to management interfaces.

IP Fabric's Network Assurance Dashboard
IP Fabric's Network Assurance Dashboard

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