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Rapid Discovery and Visualization

In-depth protocol level diagrams


Before we started using IP Fabric's solution, whenever we had to perform a network update, we had to update and maintain a list of network devices by hand, along with a list of other details, which we would then draw out manually on a Visio diagram.

This task became increasingly challenging since we had to collect information on thousands of devices, with more being added all the time.


IP Fabric discovers and visualizes network, and updates network documentation automatically.

Our teams now have access to detailed and up-to-date visual diagrams, configurations, and network state information all in one central place. Every day, we're saving countless engineering hours that we used to spend collecting data, organizing it, and drawing network diagrams.


Karel Vinš

Telecomunication Director, Škoda ICT

julien small

Julien Manteau

Network Solutions Architect Lead, AIRBUS

Cornerstone for network automation


The Airbus Aircraft Connectivity Team struggled to achieve a global and accurate view of its network environment. The large number of technologies and vendors that madeup the network meant greater complexity and increased the risk of network incidents and malfunctions.

The Connectivity Team created homemade tools to help with compliance verification; however, those scripts were difficult to maintain and covered only a fraction of the targeted scope.


IP Fabric allowed us to have a real feedback loop on network status with a transversal view. We saw benefits from day one. It enabled us to consolidate internal tools into a single source, with a proper diagramming feature and extensive network data collection. Furthermore, the embedded network experience included in our predefined reports allows the operation teams to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities.

IP Fabric is a cornerstone of our automation strategy and „must have“ software for network management.

Ensuring Compliance and Network Security

Engineering, operations and security teams now have access to important network details


Before our company implemented IP Fabric, we spent a lot of resources verifying that our endpoints were secured correctly with 802.1x. Our team ended up investing countless hours trying to automate scripts and other kinds of efforts in multi-vendor environments to accomplish the task.


After we implemented IP Fabric, we were able to see the results immediately. We could easily verify 802.1x technology across multi-vendor networks, and our network engineers were finally able to focus on more critical tasks, such as architecture and risk management. As a bonus, our security team was able to verify that all required changes were implemented instantly.


Josef Macica

IT Manager, Airbank

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