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IP Fabric automates network documentation process

Network documentation is one of the most essential parts of any project or technical environment, related to computer networks. It has to be comprehensive, accurate and always up-to-date. Any proper network documentation should consist of multiple inventories, network topologies, and many other protocol-specific chapters, to potentially serve as a foundation for network analysis.

Maintaining network documentation may be a tedious and difficult process
, that requires a vast amount of time. Which is the main reason why many companies are necessarily hiring external resources to complete the task.

To simplify the process, IP Fabric platform automates network documentation process. Consequently, your network administrators may focus on more crucial tasks, such as network development, architecture or risk assessment. IP Fabric platform, with every network discovery process, creates two types of documents.

Check out the new 4.0 release
Bringing your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.
Check it out
Checkout the new 4.0 release
Brining your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.

Low-Level Network Design Report

Provides a detailed network overview for each business location, including topology visualization

What you can get by network design report?

Detailed network device inventory
Complete interface connectivity matrix
Physical, Data-link, Network layer visualization
Routing and Switching protocols details
End of Life milestones and more
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Network Audit / Network Analysis Report

Will give you an overall report of your network, including network state checks.

How to save 500 hours of the workforce on creating network audit reports?

With IP Fabric you can schedule network discovery periodically, you will get up-to-date network analysis reports for each snapshot.
Define own network verification checks and the results will be automatically included in network audit report
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