Network Automation

Collect, organize and search through live network data from thousands of infrastructure nodes

Intelligent discovery

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Normalized view for multivendor environment

Automatic protocol verification

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API integration

A Solution to Network Documentation Defects

The ability to generate up-to-date knowledge of one's network infrastructure at the press of a button should no longer be considered a luxury, but rather a core component of a network engineer's arsenal; as more vendors are introduced into your network, and as systems become more advanced and sophisticated, the tools required to keep up with these advancements must be just as dynamic and up-to-date.


Expert Know-How with One Click

Not only is documenting and managing an increasingly complex network through manual methods a time-consuming endeavour, it has also become more liable to human error than ever before.

Enterprises should instead look towards an approach that automates and visualizes all network domain knowledge in order to continuously discover, verify and document their large scale enterprise networks within minutes.

The IP Fabric platform provides a single pane of glass for any large scale multi-vendor network. It provides data collection, network visualization, network documentation among many other features — automatically.

Ready to take IT Networking to the next level?

IP Fabric will empower your network engineers to discover, verify and document your network within minutes.

Network automation

The core idea behind IP Fabric's platform is to automate specific administrative tasks that need to be done while operating computer networks so that network and security engineers can focus their energy on more crucial functions, such as architecture or risk assessment.

Undoubtedly, the integration is a very important part of any network automation. IP Fabric's RESTful API supports API requests for any data that is present, increasing system versatility, usability, and the speed at which information is distributed. The system can act as a quick-and-easy integration interface for a variety of systems or user-scripts.

With RESTful API, you get all of your data presented to you on a beautiful interface whenever you need it.

Network Automation by IP Fabric provides:

  •   Intelligent discovery, CLI read-only credentials needed.
  •   Collecting data from a multi-vendor environment.
  •   Normalizing collected data and creating a unique mathematical network model.
  •   All data are accessible via REST API.
  •   Over 100 pre-defined network intent verifications provide the user with an immediate view of potential issues and misconfigurations
  •   Interactive customizable diagrams with protocol-level in-depth detail.
  •   Documentation, which can be downloaded any time as Word document.
  •   End-to-end path simulation.
  •   Tool for advanced network and security analysis.
  •   Connect 3rd party software using API

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