Automated Network Assurance Platform

A plug & play foundation for network automation initiatives. Discover, Verify and Visualize complete network infrastructure in minutes.

IP Fabric Automates Network Infrastructure

IP Fabric Automated Network Assurance Platform helps companies empower their network engineers to discover, verify, visualize and document large scale networks within minutes. This plug & play solution can be run in the cloud or on-premises as a virtual machine, allowing you to keep everything in-house. IP Fabric automates network infrastructure data collection and provides predefined verifications that highlight inconsistencies and issues within your network.

The multi-vendor system can support all of the major hardware manufacturers.

Check out the new 4.0 release
Bringing your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.
Check it out
Checkout the new 4.0 release
Brining your network into clear focus !
With revolutionary network visualization improvements.

Discover your infrastructure

IP Fabric's lightning-quick processes intelligently discover over 3,000 network infrastructure nodes an hour and collect more than 2,000 configuration and operational data per active network node.

After successsful discovery, the system generates a digital model of the entire network with the switching/routing and security logic built-in. Since the IP Fabric can identify both known and unknown devices via its powerful discovery process, it completely eliminates the need to enter data manually into the CMDB.
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Infrastructure Mapping & Visualization

Infrastructure Mapping & Visualization

Network visualization and dynamic network mapping are necessary for troubleshooting, assessment, and planning out the network. However, if your organization wants to maintain a detailed map of the entire system, it will need to look beyond outdated legacy tools.

IP Fabric provides detailed network visibility, drill-downs in dynamic topology maps, and individual technology and protocol visualization that enable you to plan changes, troubleshoot connectivity issues and document the entire network.

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Network Intent Verification

The key to preventing outages is having visibility into all of the operational aspects of your technology, including hidden risks, which is difficult to obtain (and maintain) if you don't have the proper tools.

IP Fabric's solution verifies all of a network's operational parameters and behavior, identifies risks such as single points of failure, non-functioning backups, broken links, and unstable paths before they can cause an outage. After that, these issues are prioritized by the number of affected users, enabling you to focus on issues based on how it will impact the business, not just by severity.

The Assurance engine in the IP Fabric platform consists of more than 100 standalone verifications. They can be easily maintained, customized or new verifications can be created to suit your needs. So if there's any best practice that the network has to meet, the platform is the right tool for automated and continuous verification.

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Network History & Changes

Having a complete log of all changes enables you to verify, document, and understand what is happening in your network. Whether performing modifications manually or using automation, adding hardware, swapping cables, or troubleshooting the network, our product identifies dynamic and administrative changes in the network, enabling you to verify deployments, validate work completion, and control the progress.

Reporting and planning require proper documentation with detailed technical parameters. Maintaining this comprehensive and up-to-date documentation, as well as activity logs, is time-consuming and requires continuous effort.

IP Fabric automatically generates historical and current network documentation, while also supporting change management processes, team communication and collaboration.

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Network Documentation and Automated Reports

Reporting and planning require proper documentation with detailed technical parameters. Maintaining detailed and up-to-date documentation and activity logs is time-consuming and requires continuous effort.

The IP Fabric platform has the ability to automatically generate either historical or current network documentation on demand.
If it's a complete low-level design of any network location or the network analysis report, which is based on the assurance engine, the platform can deliver the document anytime. It's a great feature supporting change management processes, team communication, and reporting.
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Network Automation and Integration

The core idea behind the IP Fabric platform is to automate specific administrative tasks that need to be done while operating computer networks so that network and security engineers can focus their energy on more crucial functions, such as architecture or risk assessment.

With the IP Fabric platform not only data collection and representation are completely automated, but all its information is accessible via its application programming interface (API). This concept allows other system tools, such as ticketing or monitoring, to access and verify any operational intelligence. The IP Fabric platform can be easily integrated with other systems and elevate the reliability of the ecosystem as a whole.

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