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For the journey 1:


"For the Journey" is a series of conversations will bring together practitioners and experts in each area to discuss the requirements, approaches, and pitfalls from practical experience to try to help listeners along their road to the Self-Driving Network.
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Peter Sprygada
Vice President &
Product Manager at Itential

Fulfillment in an Intent-Based Network

Everyone delivering IT service is on a journey - our businesses are so dependent on us as foundation for their process that availability isn't even about SLAs any more – 100% up time is the expectation. And with the dependencies between elements of IT infrastructure becoming ever more complex, we are constantly looking for ways of managing the complexity. In our recent white paper 'The Road to the Self-Driving Network' we dig into the idea that through automation and orchestration, supported by network assurance, we can reach a goal of a self-healing, autonomous network that configures itself to provide the business with the service it needs, then validates that it is doing as it should.
The foundation to that is Intent-Based Networking, which defines a structure for network operations to work smarter now, but drive towards that automated nirvana. It carves up network operations into 3 areas:
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Intent is the way we describe the service we want the network to provide - how we translate business requirements to network config and policy
Fulfilment is the way we take that intent and render it into actual network device configuration – whether that is manual, through automation or using full service orchestration
Assurance is the way in which we validate the network is doing what it should. This area covers monitoring and performance measurement but also such things as network modelling, behaviour analysis and configuration compliance.

The Panel

Peter Sprygada, Daren Fulwell and Gilber Moisio are experts in each area to discuss the requirements, approaches, and pitfalls from practical experience in the upcoming Podcast.
Peter Sprygada
Peter Sprygada serves as the Vice President, Product Management at Itential after serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Pureport where he was responsible for their multi-cloud network as a service interconnect platform. Prior to Pureport, Sprygada was a Distinguished Engineer for Red Hat, where he played the role of Chief Architect for the Ansible Automation Platform. Sprygada also held senior technical and leadership positions at Arista and Cisco, as well as several networking startups.
Daren Fulwell
Daren Fulwell is a Cisco Champion, Member of the CCIE advisory council, CCIE, CCDE and IP Fabric’s Network Automation Evangelist among many other things. Daren has spent the best part of 25 years working in our industry and has seen many changes over that time, but his true passion is in Network Automation. Daren is a leading light in the community, being a regular guest on podcasts and giving his view in interviews and blog pieces on the role of automation and its future uses, as well producing vast amounts of content with #init6, and many other outlets.

Daren has held roles with global giants in telecoms, banking and transportation but took a leap into the vendor world to join IP Fabric last year.
Gilbert Moisio
Network Infrastructures and Methodologies Senior Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer, Member of boards of examiners. Involved in research and development projects, member of standards organizations.

Passionate about the acquisition of knowledge and its sharing which is a personal learning accelerator, whether in technologies, methodologies or in the subjects making up the basic foundation necessary to cross the different skill levels.

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