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With the main focus on Cisco Meraki as another stepping stone towards API based discovery, the new IP Fabric version 3.5 is out in the wild. The added discovery via API is very important for future implementation of SDN technologies, cloud networks and it eventually opens access to collecting information from devices that do not use CLI as the main management interface.

While keeping the trajectory with enterprise networks, there're more and more improvements in the field for service provider networks as well. The main additions are VLPS and other Layer 2 services over MPLS for selected vendors, and BGP IPv6 neighbors for Cisco IOS-XR.

Additionally, this is the first release to support native multicast with new reports for the Assurance engine. Enterprise customers can now enjoy Multicast tree visualization for both Shared and Source trees, and verify multicast operational state.

Cisco Meraki Support

This version brings the initial support for the Cisco Meraki API. One just needs to configure the Meraki API URL and the key to discover Meraki devices. Optionally one can limit the scope of discovery to specific Meraki organization identifiers.

cisco meraki logo 1

As we are just opening the doors for APIs support we are looking for the first customers' deployments to receive feedback, and licensing is not affected by these devices at this time.

Cisco Meraki API endpoint configuration in IP Fabric

Enhancements for Service Provider networks

We have stepped into the SP field with basic MPLS support back in 2018 and it's improved greatly since then. With the version 3.5.0 we're expanding label switching support to Layer 2.

L2VPNs - Pseudowire information

It starts with Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) and Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS) for Cisco and Juniper. On top of that is the added support for Circuit cross-connect (CCC) to provide complete information for pseudowire circuit analysis and verification.

image 1
Pseudowire Technology table in IP Fabric > MPLS > L2 VPNs

IPv6 for BGP Neighbors for IOS-XR

The IPv6 adoption is well-aligned with our vision and we're pursuing full support with incremental steps.

Previously, the BGP IPv6 neighbors were supported across many vendors already. With 3.5, we are adding IPv6 BGP neighbor support for IOS-XR. Apart from that, more is coming soon for other protocols and eventually full support including discovery over IPv6.

Multicast support

One of the long-awaited technologies is the multicast support, which is coming with the latest update. The new version will populate IP Fabric with Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Route information.

IP Fabric: End-to-End path for multicast routing

The multicast routing is now supported on end-to-end path simulation with sources and receivers in one place. From now on, you can easily visualize multicast distribution trees, both shared and source.

The multicast is now supported for Cisco, Juniper, and Arista. Let us know if you're interested in support for other platforms.

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