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Jakub Kabat, Marketing & Communications Specialist, IP Fabric spoke last week with Joe Kershaw, Channel Lead, IP Fabric about the upcoming launch of Community Fabric the global ambassador program from the rapidly growing network intelligence and analytics platform vendor… here’s what he had to say:

Hey Joe, so recently at IP Fabric you decided to launch an ambassador program. Can you tell us something more about it and what are you trying to achieve with it?

Hi Jakub, So I guess a good place to start would be the formation of IP Fabric.  The organisation wasn’t founded on a commercially driven whim to peddle a platform for the sake of selling software.  Our co-founders lived and breathed the practical frustrations of network engineering consultants for over 40 years of combined professional experience and built the platform to provide a better way-of-working for network engineers and architects.  Initially, they had the intention of returning with the platform to their jobs as network engineering consultants, but progress took over.

Allowing Engineers to spend more time on testing out theories, trialing innovation and collaborating on solving issues in resiliency, availability and security can only be a good thing, right?  We want our ambassador program to drive the discussion of innovation whilst in-parallel help them to achieve it.

Who is a perfect candidate for the role of IP Fabric Ambassador?

The intention of the ambassador community is to incite discussion, drive collaboration across disconnected, international projects and provoke the natural desire in network engineers for innovation.  So, the perfect candidate is a driven networking professional with a desire to disrupt mundane and inefficient practices, adopt new technology and push the forefront of the IT networking profession.


Cool! So now we have a clear image of a perfect candidate. Why do you feel these professionals would want to join the program?

It really depends on what drives and motivates people.  We have tried to come up with a range of different benefits that may incentivise networking professionals to get involved. First and foremost, the IP Fabric platform is being developed to solve their specific problems in client engagements, from network discovery through visualisation and onto documentation and more.  So, getting access to the platform, free of cost should pique their interest initially.  Further benefits of being able to get involved with our product R&D teams and to use the community as a platform to elevate their own services and brands will hopefully sustain that interest.  I am completely open to suggestions as the community develops and will be interested to hear what our ambassadors would find compelling to maintain their involvement and commitment going forward.

Can you tell us a little bit more how cooperation within the program work? How does an ambassador contribute to the program? How does he or she stay in touch? 

We are not expecting this program to explode in numbers as we want to cooperate with people who are particularly passionate about innovation, social networking and community collaboration.  As such, ambassadors will have direct communication with me at the beginning and ongoing throughout the program or with my great teammates Tillman Kraeft if they prefer French or German and Giorgio Pontilio if they’re Italian speaking.

Realistically, we don’t want to dictate how ambassadors contribute to the program.  Some professionals are more comfortable delivering classes and presentation than writing blogs or provoking discussion in online communities so we are happy to leave it up to the individual, we just want a mutual discussion every six months to discuss whether the program is worthwhile and whether we mutually agree on continuing with the collaboration. 

Where can a potential candidate learn more about the Ambassador Program and the most importantly how to apply for the program? 

We have all the information at our dedicated Community Fabric page but if you prefer the personal touch as I do, just drop me an email at [email protected]

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