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IP Fabric at Gartner IOCS UK 2022
Updated: December 16, 2022

IP Fabric at Gartner IOCS UK 2022

The IP Fabric team had the chance to attend the UK version of the Gartner IOCS conference in London from 21st - 22nd November. Represented by Global Channel Development Lead Joe Kershaw, Senior Channel Managers Belema Roberts and Riccardo Guglielmi, Solution Architect Alex Gittings and Product Evangelist Daren Fulwell, the conference was simply another unmissable opportunity for our star-studded cast of networking protagonists to spread the word on Network Assurance!

The IP Fabric Team (L-R) Riccardo, Joe, Belema, Daren and Alex

Insights gained; connections made

The two-day conference, hosted at the O2 arena in London, was based around the theme of empowering the "Anywhere Business", and was attended by Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders and vendors alike. The team had the chance to speak with a selection of I&O leaders from a wide variety of sectors, ranging from retail and manufacturing to finance.

Here's what the team had to say about the event:

“Hearing first-hand how I&O leaders view network automation and its importance in driving positive business results gave me valuable insights into what they care about. Discussing how IP Fabric is foundational in removing barriers to network & automation projects was very well received by Gartner’s audience - I consider the event to have been a huge success”" - Belema Roberts

"The quality of the conversations that I had at Gartner IOCS were great. I gained a lot of new insight into the challenges facing enterprises and that is always extremely valuable for me" - Riccardo Guglielmi

"The IOCS conference gave us access to innovation-focused executives and leading practitioners. The discussions we had were fruitful and, in some cases, very well aligned. The outstanding realization was that organizations across all sectors are piling investment into new technologies as they seek to improve control and security across their network. However, many are unaware that technology exists which can help accelerate and de-risk the new technology rollouts whilst helping to abstract the inherent complexity of multi-vendor, multi-domain networks, to ease integration and operation. It was a pleasure to surprise many of these professionals with a view into just how easy Network Assurance can actually make things" - Joe Kershaw

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Aside from sparking insightful conversations around the topic of reimagining networking operations with network assurance, Daren had a speaking slot to sink his teeth into. The talk given by Daren, which delved into de-risking automation to maximize value from infrastructure and cloud investments, was well-received and garnered a lot of engagement from the rapt audience in attendance.

Daren delivering his talk at Gartner IOCS

Networking in motion

The event also gave attendees the chance to unwind and get to know each other - At the end of the first day, the conference hall was transformed into a reception for all attendees, with lots of food and drink on offer for people to enjoy.

Avid football fan Daren even got the chance to meet England, Watford and Liverpool football legend John Barnes at the conference. What better way for Daren to cap off the conference than by having the chance to dive into some old-school football nostalgia with one of England's finest!

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