Pavel Bykov

After becoming CCIE certified, Pavel found himself being in charge of TIER1 global networks used by Fortune 500 companies.

While managing these large networks, he noticed that network engineers would be much more efficient if they had better tools at their disposal. Since these tools didn't exist, he decided to build his own - from this, IP Fabric was born.

IP Fabric welcomes Orhan Ergun to its Technical Advisory Board

At IP Fabric we’re committed to helping network engineers with mapping and verification of their critical networks, undeniable part of which is helping to understand each issue and…
Sep 13, 2018
1 minute read

IP Fabric 2.2.5: Staying longer in network diagrams

This week we released IP Fabric version 2.2.5 which focuses on improvements of network diagram workflow, significantly improving the depth of information provided in the diagram tooltips, and…
Jun 14, 2018
2 minute read

End to end network path analysis

If a user reports that a certain application is not working for them, especially after a migration or a change, how do you verify the connectivity? Finding a…
May 28, 2018
2 minute read

IP Fabric 2.2.4

Today we’re announcing the release of IP Fabric 2.2.4. A network security oriented release, the new version enables you to troubleshoot the paths through firewall clusters, to have…
May 18, 2018
3 minute read

Announcing IP Fabric Platform v2.2

I’m pleased to announce the release of IP Fabric® Platform 2.2. Continuing our mission of delivering more capabilities into the hands of the network engineers, this major release…
Mar 22, 2018
1 minute read

What’s new in the IP Fabric platform v2.0

The IP Fabric platform 2.0 is a major new version of the network engineer’s best friend. A number of big changes and customer feedback have made it into…
Nov 15, 2017
3 minute read

Spanning Tree analytics with the IP Fabric platform v2.0

The IP Fabric platform is a network engineer's best friend when performing deep network audits. For example, to verify root placement for overlapping VLANs in a LAN, I…
Oct 23, 2017
2 minute read

Introducing the IP Fabric platform v2.0

The feature I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of my Network Engineering career is finally here: Dynamic Change Monitoring. It’s finally possible to know the answer to…
Oct 01, 2017
4 minute read

Discovering network with a single set of read-only credentials

Discovery of existing IP network devices and links is essential to proper network management and control. How can you perform the discovery with the minimal initial information required?
Sep 13, 2017
2 minute read

Instant Business-Level Network Analysis Reports

Overall state of the network often must be presented in condensed form to managers and non-it personnel. How can you create the reports focusing mostly on the risk…
Aug 28, 2017
1 minute read
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