Network automation

Collect, organize and search through live network data from thousands of infrastructure nodes

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Intelligent discovery

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Normalized multivendor environment data

Automate Network Documentation

Automatic verification


As more vendors are introduced into your network, and as systems become more advanced and sophisticated, the tooling required to keep up with these changes needs to be just as dynamic and up-to-date.

Network automation

One way or another, engineers typically end up developing customized automation scripts that collect data and transform them into values.

The core idea behind IP Fabric's platform is to automate specific administrative tasks that need to be done while operating computer networks so that network and security engineers can focus their energy on more crucial functions, such as architecture or risk assessment.

Network Automation by IP Fabric provides:

  • Live network data collection
  • Normalizing collected data across vendors and creating network model graphs.
  • Over 100 predefined intent verifications give the user an immediate view of issues and misconfigurations
  • Network management process
  • Data analytics

Other Solutions

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Verify conectivity by applying switching, routing, forwarding, balancing and security decisions

Automatic network LLD generation

Make Manual Documentation Updates History

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