End to end network path analysis

Verify connectivity by applying switching, routing, forwarding,balancing and security decisions.

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Finding a path in a complex network, including mapping out active switching, route forwarding, and balancing decisions can be hard. If you need to take into account mapping out security decisions of all the L2 and L3 filters, this process can take days on complex networks, especially if there are multiple zone-based firewall clusters involved.

IP Fabric can simplify this process for you by verifying all forwarding parameters of end-to-end connectivity.

End-to-End paths indicate communication between two server hosts or applications. ** Manual E2E path verifications need to include complete switched topology, routed topology and access-lists or firewalls on the actual path.  This cumbersome tasks usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of the infrastructure.


With IP Fabric, we can simulate any E2E paths on discovered networks in seconds. All of the data needed is already present, and the only inputs needed are the source and destination IP addresses and network ports. E2E paths can be saved for future reference and can be tested again with every new network discovery.

It can act as marvellous tool for service migration.

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