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Less time spent on troubleshooting

Trouble Resolution

IP Fabric automatically discovers and centrally highlights single points of failure, policy, or functional inconsistencies that can cause costly errors or outages. Less time spent on troubleshooting thanks to deep visibility is an easy win with a significant impact. Take control of your network infrastructure and cut down mean time to resolution to a fraction of what you would spend manually detecting and investigating issues.
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Make your teams more efficient

Accurate Network State Data

IP Fabric puts the right data in the hands of the people who need it. Equipping support teams with accurate network state data can save them valuable hours of unnecessary detective work, cutting down MTTR (mean time to resolve) dramatically.

This data is visualized in technology tables detailing documented behavior, or in powerful, flexible topology diagrams that show the layers of dependency in your network.

Knowing that your network intelligence is complete and accurate empowers teams to solve issues efficiently.
89% of orgs want troubleshooting workflows integrated with automation tools.
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Snapshots reveal the Network History

IP Fabric is typically scheduled to run network snapshots once or twice a day, and it is also possible to create ad hoc snapshots of the whole or part of the network at any time. Using the network snapshots, it is possible to visually compare your network state at particular points in time, letting you easily pinpoint recent changes in inventory, topology, config and state.

The perfect solution to the stressful morning after a change, when things may break and the cry goes up “what has changed?!”

Troubleshoot issues faster and ensure excellent performance in your network using snapshots of the past and present state.
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Latest view of inventory, topology, config and state

Change management

Most network follow a careful, strict change management process to ensure continuity of network connectivity - the whole of an organization’s IT depends on this.

These inefficient processes are the antithesis of agility that so many businesses crave today.

IP Fabric makes planning changes much more straightforward. There is no need to validate documentation and capacity information before you start; IP Fabric has the latest view of inventory, topology, config and state.

Need a spare interface? IP Fabric will track one down for you.

Want to allocate an IP address? IP Fabric can validate that it isn’t already in use.

Once a change is executed, IP Fabric can be used to validate success. Create an ad hoc snapshot as part of the change workflow, and test that config matches intent, that your whole network is still within compliance, and that your change had no unintentional impact on other parts of the networks. Using simulated path lookup, we can verify that applications will continue to work as expected.

Best of all? No need to manually update diagrams and documentation - IP Fabric does it for you.
A new way to approach trouble resolution
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A proactive approach to trouble resolution

Automated Intent Verifications

Reacting to an issue after a ticket has been raised – by, for example, a user not able to access their application - puts you straight onto the back foot, and could be an opportunity missed. Run intent checks to reveal:
Policy violation
Unexpected inefficiencies
IP Fabric enables you to take a proactive approach to troubleshooting, and see potential issues highlighted before they are felt by your users. Stay ahead of the game - spot issues and remedy them before they affect service availability.
An introduction to automated network verification
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Solution Brief

IP Fabric & Troubleshooting

Time is the resource we all want more of. Spending it on manual, repetitive trouble resolution tasks keeps you in a cycle of panic; a never-ending game of whack-a-mole that leaves no time for following arduous change management processes or creatively optimizing your network. Accurate network state data - whenever you need it - brings endless possibilities for automation and innovation.
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