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Actionable insight

Network Visibility & Assurance

The IP Fabric Automated Network Assurance Platform helps enterprises empower their network and security teams to discover, model, verify, and visualize large-scale networks within minutes.

These four automated processes lay the foundation for what we call Network Assurance – actionable insight into the state of your network, providing evidence that it is delivering the service that your business requires.
What is in my network?


IP Fabric’s lightning-quick intelligent network discovery process empowers you with deep insight into the workings of your network. Baseline every device and path, configuration, and security policy automatically, equipping you and your team with the knowledge and insight to support, maintain, and develop the most complex of networks.

It’s a solution that grows with you - IP Fabric can discover more than 3000 devices per hour and supports up to 20000 managed devices in a single virtual appliance, offering scalability for the largest networks.

Snapshots of your network offer a comparative point-in-time history of what we’ve discovered - on-demand, or according to a schedule you control. Completely remove the need for manual documentation updates every time you make a network change.
The first step in your network automation journey
Network Baseline
How can I model my network?


In each snapshot we model your network’s forwarding and policy behavior through captured configuration and point-in-time state of the devices.

IP Fabric parses vendor-specific output to gain an understanding of the meaning of its configuration and state and the relationships it has formed with other devices around it.

The platform also models control plane relationships, such as routing protocol peering and Spanning Tree neighbors to give the fullest picture of network behavior.

Policy information is extracted from the points where it is enforced in the network to allow modeling of security.

The result? Easily grasp the end-to-end topology and behavior of devices in your network.
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Model cloud SDWAN
Verify Syslog
Is my network behaving as intended?


IP Fabric has robust, central visibility of your network state and configuration, so you can validate that your network is behaving as intended. Built-in checks highlight single points of failure and reduced redundancy in the network topology.

Additionally, you can create custom Intent Verification rules to your own specification, to measure behavior and configuration against your own organizational standards.

Create end-to-end path simulations to represent application flows – we automatically check them every time a snapshot is run to validate that applications will work, or protection is in place to limit access to systems.
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How do I see and analyze what’s in my network?


Our revolutionary visualization capability provides a new way of understanding the topology and behaviour of your network. Easily create a network map that shows the relationships between your network nodes with a level of flexibility you can control, to get exactly the view you need for your purpose.

Turn different protocols or layers on or off as you please, use automatically generated layouts or tweak them manually, save useful layouts and create network views that can be exported and shared across teams (or even into your ops team’s chat application). Waste no more time painstakingly creating operational documentation.

IP Fabric can also help with the challenge of understanding paths through the network from a source device to a destination by creating a custom diagram and highlighting all forwarding and policy decisions that have been taken at every device along the way.

Say goodbye to incomplete, outdated manual network diagrams - say hello to IP Fabric. It’s interactive visualization as you’ve never had before, from wireless client to Cloud instance and everything in between.

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Solution Brief

IP Fabric & Itential

IP Fabric is a Network Assurance Platform that automates discovery and documentation – an immediate win that knocks out 90% of the manual work you need to even start an automation project. From there, IP Fabric continuously validates that your automation workflows align with your intent.

The Itential Automation Platform is a low-code solution that seamlessly connects IT systems with network technologies for rapidly designing and deploying end-to-end network automation workflows.

Together, they allow teams to forge ahead on automation projects without distrust in change processes, without the fear of network unknowns, and with a clear picture of how every deployment will affect your network as a whole.
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