Foundation of Network Programmability

Accelerate your path to full network programmability with IP Fabric.

Retrieve and analyse network data with IP Fabric

Our customers tell us that 95% of their network developers' programming effort is spent retrieving and analysing network data, so that good decisions can be made. IP Fabric harvests that inventory, configuration and state data and builds a model of your multi-domain, multi-vendor network, so you don't have to.

Minimise the Time to Realise Value of your network programmability projects with IP Fabric and focus on the 5% that brings real value.

Why Network Programmability?

Why do you need a programmable network?  The short answers are scale and complexity.

In order for any network to scale it needs to be automated: manual operation of a collection of network devices is no longer sustainable due to the criticality and pervasive nature of connectivity in today's enterprise.  The options for automation include:

  • Centralised policy - a central engine used to define network policy and referred to by all network devices
  • SDN - a centralised controller pushes template configurations to network devices and makes policy decisions
  • Programmability - configuration logic is built in scripts and programmes developed by the network team from business requirement

The first two options will typically only work across a single network domain - WAN, DC, Campus, wireless.

In a complex network, the most flexible method is Network Programmability.

IP Fabric - The Right Foundation

Network programmability relies on having visibility to all your network data - any blind spots limit the usefulness of your automation capabilities.  Building the tooling to obtain that visibility can be a long-winded and complex process.  It typically involves:

  • Device discovery
  • Data retrieval
  • Building topology
  • Analysing relationships

And when that has to be carried out across domains, vendors and platforms, this takes a significant amount of development.

IP Fabric's automated discovery and analysis provides full network visibility out-of-the-box. Within hour from installation, you can have all of this data to hand, both through an interactive Web UI and through a comprehensive API.  This data, the topology and relationships, and automated compliance and validation rules are then directly available to your programmes through simple API calls.

The data is kept up to date by running scheduled regular snapshots once, twice or more, every day, ensuring you have an effective and accurate foundation for your network programmability!

Michal Kadavy
Head of IT Infrastructure

What our customers say

IP Fabric became the vital keypart of the Globus
network management automation strategy.

I can‘t overestimate how important IP Fabric was in successfully increasing the overall efficiency of my team. Now I‘m finally able to access the complete information required for strategic decisions on my part in a fast and organized way, which actually helps the whole planning process a lot. Thanks to IP Fabric, fully focusing on Globus investments and leading its digital transformation became much easier.

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