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With IP Fabric’s Network Automation platform, you can schedule, launch and generate up-to-date network documentation on your entire network (or any other defined site).

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Hundreds of network engineering teams are already using IP Fabric to automate and improve their network documentation.

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What used to take us three months can now be done in minutes

Orhan Ergun

Network Consultant


Before we connected with IP Fabric, creating network documentation was a pain, and keeping it up-to-date while we made changes in the infrastructure around the globe made the process unmanageable. Our network engineering teams would have to manually download, store, and analyze configurations from thousands of nodes.

We would spend months on this tedious work trying to create our corporate network Low-Level Design (LLD).


Once we started using IP Fabric's solution, we were able to see results in just 30 minutes. Instead of wasting time on the documentation process, our network engineers were finally able to focus on network development.

Today, IP Fabric creates our documentation for us automatically. We're even able to schedule the solution to create LLD documents every day.

The smart system discovers all of the network infrastructure nodes in our network and gets detailed (full-stack) information (including routing tables or access lists) from each of them. IP Fabric's solution then lets me generate an LLD in just one click.

It's hard to imagine going back to life before IP Fabric.

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Download a free sample of our auto-generated LLD documentation

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Who we are

IP Fabric is an international team of computer network professionals and developers dedicated to empowering network engineers everywhere.

While building and servicing TIER1 networks around the globe, we realized that networks are becoming more and more complexed, creating a massive challenge for engineers. We decided to build a tool that would have an impact and make network engineers more efficient.

Pavel Bykov

Founder, CEO

After becoming CCIE certified, Pavel found himself being in charge of TIER1 global networks used by Fortune 500 companies.

While managing these large networks, he noticed that network engineers would be much more efficient if they had better tools at their disposal. Since these tools didn't exist, he decided to build his own - from this, IP Fabric was born.

Roman Aprias

Founder, CTO

Roman, IP Fabric's CTO, was the first double CCIE professional in the Czech Republic and has a passion for combining networking and programming skills.

For years, he has been using his hands-on experience in building and managing large-scale networks into designing and developing IP Fabric's platform.

Miroslav Hybl

Founder, System Engineer Team Lead

Miroslav is a skilled and knowledgeable programming enthusiast with a background in developing large enterprise software projects. His obsession for good, clean code design has helped IP Fabric get to where they are today.

See for yourself

Download a free sample of our auto-generated LLD documentation

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