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Frequently Asked Questions

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We currently support all major hardware vendors and their families, starting with Cisco (IOS, IOS-XE, NX-OS, IOS-XR, SG, WLC-AIR), Juniper (Junos), HP (Aruba, Arubasw, Comware), Fortinet (Fortigate), F5 (Big-Ip) and many more. You can find a complete vendor and feature matrix at

The IP Fabric’s platform uses SSH and Telnet to interact with network devices through the Command Line Interface (CLI). Routing and ARP information collected from any network device is then used to discover other targets and networks.

No. In general, IP Fabric’s platform doesn’t use SNMP or collect any SNMP information. We are using SSH (or telnet) to collect the data.
IP Fabric’s platform can either act as a Syslog server for troubleshooting purposes, or specific syslog messages can act as a configuration download initiator.
No, IP Fabric’s platform doesn’t collect any Netflow information from network devices.
IP Fabric’s platform can be downloaded as an OVA image and is easily deployable on VMWare 5.0 and later (or on VMWare workstations, if necessary).
Both options are available for deployment. However, the system itself needs to be provided with SSH or Telnet connectivity to network devices that are to be discovered.
Yes, all information collected by IP Fabric’s platform is accessible through its REST API and can then be integrated with other systems.
No, no other special licenses for databases or additional hardware is needed, only the primary IP Fabric license for the platform.

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