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Network Visibility

IP Fabric’s vendor-neutral Network Assurance Platform can help your enterprise baseline and discover your entire network in minutes. Form the basis of your automation strategy, save time, and increase operational efficiency.

Defining Network Assurance

Crystallizing an often nebulous network ideal into a practical assurance checklist that enterprises can implement.
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A proactive approach to network security

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IP Fabric’s lightning-quick network discovery process empowers you with contextual insights into your network. Baseline every device, path, configuration, and security policy automatically, and equip your teams with the necessary insight. Our snapshot-based system can capture your network at any point in time. Never again will you have to rely on outdated and static documentation around your network. Furthermore, our solution grows with you – IP Fabric can discover more than 3000 devices per hour and supports up to 20,000 managed devices in a single virtual appliance.
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of 359 surveyed professionals told EMA that their manual data gathering processes degrade the effectiveness of network automation
- EMA Report


of these professionals name data authority and quality issues around network state and intent as a challenge to overcome


of 359 surveyed technology professionals believe network automation tools should integrate network assurance to monitor and troubleshoot networks


our customers have reported a reduction in Time to Resolution of up to 30%


they also reported that they spend up to 50% less time on Change Approval


Our customers report that they save this much effort on their Network Automation strategies and plans


Time is a valuable resource that we cannot waste on manual trouble resolution tasks. IP Fabric’s visualization capabilities automatically discover and highlight single points of failure that lead to outages. With accurate network state data, you can save valuable hours and drastically cut down on Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). By removing the need to react to an issue, you can proactively avoid errors before they affect service availability! IP Fabric also makes planning changes more straightforward and agile. There is no need to validate documentation before you start; IP Fabric has the latest view of your entire network.
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A proactive approach to network security is non-negotiable. As your network becomes more complex, relying on manual processes poses a risk. With IP Fabric, you can be sure you know your network inventory. Our Zero Trust model can harden your network against attack by standardizing management configuration. Our model also allows for the automation of central security policies, reducing the manual work required in configuring individual firewalls or security appliances. The result? Increased network security across your entire network estate, including cloud structures. Our security model supports security policy enforcement on-premises and in the cloud networks themselves.
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Multi-vendor capabilities

Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto - What do they all have in common? They are all supported IP Fabric vendors and can utilize our platform to enhance your operational capacities. We also have many more API Vendors which can help you on your journey to innovation, with more coming with each release! With support for AWS and Azure, IP Fabric can also be leveraged to maintain network visibility across your entire network estate, including cloud infrastructures. 

Our flexible network model lets you create end-to-end path simulation across the hybrid cloud, and visualize these through consolidated topology maps. Never lose sight of your network, regardless of location.
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full API access

Capture events and metrics from your own applications using our client libraries

Tag servers or query in command-line

Generate and upload JSON-formatted dashboards
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