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Airbank reduced network analysis time from 1 month to 30 minutes with IP Fabric and made network audits fully automated.

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IP Fabric in Financial Industry

Faced with the challenges of an ever evolving environment driven by emerging technologies and disruptive digital trends, banks and insurers must embrace the technological metamorphosis of the financial services industry in order to remain competitive and operate with greater agility. In addition, they are required to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and be considerate of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

The IP Fabric Platform provides knowledge, documentation resources and troubleshooting expertise to help you control and streamline your complex network infrastructure and operate in today’s financial services arena, while mitigating risks and delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Our open, smart solutions create an agile and efficient network documentation method, paving the way for innovation that delivers value to your business. By consolidating and simplifying your network infrastructure management, the IP Fabric Platform will enable you to manage and deliver financial services with greater agility, efficiency and security.


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