IP Fabric helps companies empower network engineers to discover, verify and document large scale enterprise networks within minutes.

IP Fabric - Network management software

Rapid Discovery and Visualization

In-depth protocol level diagrams


Before we started using IP Fabric's solution, whenever we had to perform a network update, we had to update and maintain a list of network devices by hand, along with a list of other details, which we would then draw out manually on a Visio diagram.

This task became increasingly challenging since we had to collect information on thousands of devices, with more being added all the time.


IP Fabric discovers and visualizes network, and updates network documentation automatically.

Our teams now have access to detailed and up-to-date visual diagrams, configurations, and network state information all in one central place. Every day, we're saving countless engineering hours that we used to spend collecting data, organizing it, and drawing network diagrams.


Karel Vinš

Telecomunication Director, Škoda ICT

Orhan Ergun

Network Consultant
CCDE Trainer

Automated Results in 30 Minutes

Documentation used to be a process that took us three months. Now, thanks to IP Fabric, it's done in minutes.


Before we connected with IP Fabric, creating network documentation was a pain, and keeping it up-to-date while we made changes in the infrastructure around the globe made the process unmanageable. Our network engineering teams would have to manually download, store, and analyze configurations from thousands of nodes.

We would spend months on this tedious work trying to create our corporate network Low-Level Design (LLD).


Once we started using IP Fabric's solution, we were able to see results in just 30 minutes. Instead of wasting time on the documentation process, our network engineers were finally able to focus on network development.

Today, IP Fabric creates our documentation for us automatically. We're even able to schedule the solution to create LLD documents every day.

It's hard to imagine going back to life before IP Fabric.

Ensuring Compliance and Network Security

Engineering, operations and security teams now have access to important network details


Before our company implemented IP Fabric, we spent a lot of resources verifying that our endpoints were secured correctly with 802.1x. Our team ended up investing countless hours trying to automate scripts and other kinds of efforts in multi-vendor environments to accomplish the task.


After we implemented IP Fabric, we were able to see the results immediately. We could easily verify 802.1x technology across multi-vendor networks, and our network engineers were finally able to focus on more critical tasks, such as architecture and risk management. As a bonus, our security team was able to verify that all required changes were implemented instantly.

Josef Macica

IT Manager, Airbank

Discover the Benefits

100 %

Fully Automated Documentation

Automatically generate historical and current network documentation, network analysis reports, while also supporting change management processes, team communication, and reporting.



IP Fabric supports engineers throughout the network life cycle through mapping and verification processes, saving countless working hours.



Uncover hidden risks and fix problems before they occur with over one hundred predefined intent verifications.

How IP Fabric Can Help

Network Discovery

Discovery & Mapping

IP Fabric's Plug & Play solution intelligently discovers over 3,000 network infrastructure nodes an hour and uses SSH to collect more than 2,000 configuration and state datapoints per node. The system can identify both known and unknown devices, eliminating the need to enter data into the CMDB manually.

The system provides detailed technology visibility and drill-downs in dynamic network maps, visualizing individual technologies and protocols which enables you to plan changes, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and document the network.

Documentation & History

Network snapshots provide a convenient means of documenting network configurations and states at a specific moment. At any given time you can import and compare different snapshots in your network's history, which significantly reduces the time it takes to perform a root cause analysis during or after a major outage.

Network Documentation
Dashboard with overall network audit


To prevent outages, IP Fabric verifies all operational parameters and behaviors in the network, including identifying risks such as single critical points of failure, nonfunctioning backups, broken links, and unstable paths.

Over a hundred predefined verifications can be modified, and new checks can be added depending on your specific needs.

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Discover, verify and document large scale networks in minutes.

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IP Fabric by the Numbers

Managed devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Book a demo with one of our experts so that we can provide you with the solution that is the best fit for you.

We currently support all major hardware vendors and their families, starting with Cisco (IOS, IOS-XE, NX-OS, IOS-XR, SG, WLC-AIR), Juniper (Junos), HP (Aruba, Arubasw, Comware), Fortinet (Fortigate), F5 (Big-Ip) and many more. You can find a complete vendor and feature matrix at https://docs.ipfabric.io/matrix/

The IP Fabric’s platform uses SSH and Telnet to interact with network devices through the Command Line Interface (CLI). Routing and ARP information collected from any network device is then used to discover other targets and networks.

No. In general, IP Fabric’s platform doesn’t use SNMP or collect any SNMP information. We are using SSH (or telnet) to collect the data.
IP Fabric’s platform can either act as a Syslog server for troubleshooting purposes, or specific syslog messages can act as a configuration download initiator.
No, IP Fabric’s platform doesn’t collect any Netflow information from network devices.
IP Fabric’s platform can be downloaded as an OVA image and is easily deployable on VMWare 5.0 and later (or on VMWare workstations, if necessary).
Both options are available for deployment. However, the system itself needs to be provided with SSH or Telnet connectivity to network devices that are to be discovered.
Yes, all information collected by IP Fabric’s platform is accessible through its REST API and can then be integrated with other systems.
No, no other special licenses for databases or additional hardware is needed, only the primary IP Fabric license for the platform.

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