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The IP Fabric team strives to empower network professionals all over the world by automating network documentation, accelerating the troubleshooting process, and visualizing the network infrastructure. With over 230,000 devices under management, IP Fabric has helped thousands of network engineers tackle complexities of the enterprise network life cycle and change management.

Creating custom network verifications with IP Fabric

IP Fabric platform can be considered a Swiss Army knife for network engineers, providing one with trustworthy network verifications. One of IP Fabric's functionalities is here to help…
Mar 25, 2019
6 minute read

New IP Fabric version 2.4

Today, it is our pleasure to announce new version of our IP Fabric platform. Version 2.4 is in a general availability release that extends our product capability in…
Feb 27, 2019
3 minute read

Verifying 802.1x in enterprise networks

Companies are spending big money on defensive measures against the outside attackers — investing into Next-Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Proxies. The inner network, however, was considered safe place,…
Feb 05, 2019
2 minute read

IP Fabric 2.3.0: MPLS, NAT & Port Mirroring

Today, we are pleased to release the new version 2.3.0 of IP Fabric platform. This release assists engineers in having a more complete overview of their network by…
Dec 05, 2018
3 minute read

IP Fabric 2.2.9: Continuous Path Verifications

Today, we are delighted to release the new version 2.2.9 of IP Fabric platform. This release assists engineers in having a more complete overview of their network by…
Nov 01, 2018
2 minute read

Verifying AAA in enterprise networks

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, otherwise known as AAA, or Triple A. Many individuals who have had to implement AAA on a router or a switch most likely have…
Oct 17, 2018
5 minute read

IP Fabric 2.2.8 is released!

Today, we are delighted to announce a new feature loaded release 2.2.8 of our IP Fabric Network Infrastructure Management Platform — Engineering Edition. This release is full of new exciting…
Sep 10, 2018
4 minute read
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