The 2022 KTS Conference hosted by our partner, Vector Solutions, took place in Gdynia, Poland on the 21st and 22nd June 2022, and IP Fabric was in attendance for the first time! The 19th edition of the 2-day broadband technology conference saw 300 participants and 80 companies descend upon the coastal town of Gdynia to discuss a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, distributed network architectures and the automation of network management.

The event included a variety of fascinating talks on the latest technologies and trends and proved to be a great opportunity to introduce IP Fabric to a new audience. We were represented at the conference by Solutions Architects, Milan Zapletal, and Vitězslav Savel, one of our Senior Channel Development Managers.

Showcasing the utility of IP Fabric

Both Milan and Vitězslav had the chance to speak at the conference. On day one, Vitězslav held an informative talk titled “What Do You Need to Start Automating Your Network”. The talk focused on how enterprises can begin the process of automating their network, and what potential organizational barriers currently exist that are holding them back from doing so.

Vitězslav discussing barriers to Network Automation on day one of the 2022 KTS Conference

On day 2, Milan followed up with a talk on “How to Increase Cybersecurity with Data Models”. Both talks were well received and introduced the audience to the possibilities that IP Fabric has to offer!

A chance to make new connections

In between talk sessions, visitors gathered in the main event room, where both Milan and Vitězslav were on hand at IP Fabric’s stand to network with visitors from other companies and further explore the wide range of benefits that IP Fabric has to offer.

Both Milan and Vitězslav viewed the event as a success - “The 2022 KTS Conference was a great opportunity for us to introduce IP Fabric to a new audience and raise brand awareness, particularly in a new country. We also greatly appreciated the chance to strengthen our partnership with Vector Solutions and make new connections with some of our partner’s affiliates.” 

Some healthy competition on the Gdynia waterfront

The conference also gave visitors the chance to unwind and take part in some interesting downtime activities and work on their teamwork skills. A boat building competition was held on the Gdynia waterfront and guests also had the exciting opportunity to ride in a speedboat. The conference was punctuated by a beach party, which allowed people to network with each other in a casual setting and unwind after a long day of discussing the latest in technological trends.

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IP Fabric understands the critical importance of informational security in enterprise-level organizations. Whether this concerns the availability, integrity, or confidentiality of data, we understand that risks simply cannot be taken when it comes to information and the assets they represent.

Which is why we are delighted to announce that IP Fabric has passed the required audit and has an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS)!

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized security standard with a focus on risk management concerning sensitive information. The basic aim of this standard is to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information, whether sensitive or not. A thorough risk assessment means that potential problems can be identified, and measures can be implemented to prevent these from occurring, thus guaranteeing that essential security principles are always being upheld.

From the proper handling of assets to information classification and encryption, the standard is designed to ensure that there are no knowledge gaps within an organization about how sensitive data should be processed or disposed of.

Even though the assessment and certification for this standard is completely voluntary, IP Fabric wanted to ensure that we have an ISMS that places the basic aims of information security at the forefront of our practices and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the safeguarding of data, regardless of its classification.

With this certification and a thorough understanding of the relevant policies and procedures, you can rest assured knowing that we always have everyone’s best interests around information security firmly in our sights!

Learn more about IP Fabric’s security-committed approach to imaging and safeguarding your network here.

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Our very own Riccardo Guglielmi had the exciting opportunity to attend the annual Cyber Resilience Forum by Richmond Italia from 15th to 17th May in Rimini, Italy. Alongside Giampiero Moscato from our partner, Kirey Group, Riccardo connected with industry experts and key players to discuss all things Cyber Resilience and Network Assurance!  

Riccardo alongside Giampiero Moscato of Kirey Group

Spreading the word on Network Assurance

The 2-day forum at the picturesque Rimini Grand Hotel was organized so that everyone could make the most of their time and have as many insightful conversations and meetings as possible. To make this possible, the event was formatted to mimic a “speed dating” format, with each participant having 12, 30-minute chats with different people to connect and exchange ideas.  

With market leaders from a range of sectors, including Automotive, Manufacturing and Publishing in attendance, this format allowed Riccardo to make the most of his time and discuss how Network Assurance can help take their network operations to new heights and revolutionize their current processes whilst maintaining security and network resilience as a top priority. 

Here is what Riccardo had to say about his experience: “The forum was a great opportunity to bring brand awareness to the Italian market, discuss new challenges, understand real-world applicable situations, and explore the potential of resolving existing gaps in tooling strategies and workflows.”  

Riccardo and Giampiero utilizing the unique format at the Cyber Resilience Forum

Opportunities to learn

Another highlight was the Colors Business Show, a workshop on the diverse types of personalities one might encounter in a business environment, and how best to adapt communication styles to ensure that everyone is on the same page and deriving value from conversations. As a part of IP Fabric’s dedicated sales teams, this is something that Riccardo relished the chance to reflect on and he has already incorporated some of the tips and tricks that he picked up into his daily work. 

The event offered much more than just an opportunity to exchange ideas around Network Assurance. Downtime activities such as yoga were also included in the program to help attendees unwind after a long day of making new connections and discussing all things Network Assurance and security.

If you would like to learn more about how IP Fabric can make your network more resilient and give you that peace of mind, please follow our company’s LinkedIn or Blog, where we are always sharing ideas to put you on the path to a Self-Driving Network. 

Read more on the topic of Network Security with IP Fabric: Network Infrastructure Security - IP Fabric. If you're interested in seeing what network assurance can do for your network in particular, please request a demo.

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